So much had occurred since the onset of the “Flag Fire” in the Hualapai Mountains on Sunday afternoon April 26, 2021.  Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Mohave Electric Coop and Volunteers have done a tremendous job in preventing loss of life, property and regional communication assets.   A maximum effort and resources have been pouring into the area combating the fire from the air and the ground in spite of wind and other weather related problems.     At the time (1:33 am) of this posting, communication sites have not suffered damage or known loss of service capability.   Access is restricted in the Hualapai Mountain sites and it is unknown when the fire operations will be scaling back.   Emergency access for communication outages that require service intervention must go thought the Incident Commander.   KAUA has no authority to grant permission or provide up to date information to give to members.   Updates on the fire can be viewed on the following link:  Flag Fire Information – InciWeb the Incident Information System (nwcg.gov)

It has been conveyed to the agencies managing this fire that if road repair equipment is deployed on the Hayden Peak, upper/lower Potato Patch, Black Mesa and Getz Peak, it would certainly help preserve the critical communications infrastructure for the region.  Not only would this benefit the present and future firefighting challenges, it will also provide an improved rapid response for all communication site holders and technicians to meet the community demand for services.

Please note that the KAUA has also indirectly communicated this request daily since the fire began to improve the road conditions if the opportunity exists and/or intersects with the firefighting mitigation goals, however, there is no guarantee at this time that such a request will be fulfilled.     The cost of maintaining the roads for the communication sites may have now exceeded the ability to event raise enough funds at maximum assessment rates repair the roads in a significant way.  This has long been frustrating issue which KAUA will continue to try to find a solution.

Though the devastation of this fire to the mountain forest will be a sad part of the areas history which may never recover, the changed circumstances may compel those who are doing everything they can to bring this fire under control to perhaps assist (for the time being and with the cooperation of the primary right-of-way holder-KAUA), some part of the roads to improve fire control and site access capability for now and in the future.

NOTE: The scheduled meeting for KAUA, BLM and Mohave County regarding the Hualapai Mountain roads to the sites has been cancelled until further notice.  Information on that re-scheduled meeting will be posted immediately on this website along with any information that comes.   A general KAUA meeting will be announced.  Please keep checking the www.kingmanradio.com website for further updates and information.

Ken McLaughlin – KAUA President