Hayden Peak & Getz Peak GATE SECURITY


November 12, 2019 the Bureau of Land Management, Kingman Area Users Association (KAUA) President & Road Committee Chairman and Hualapai Mountain Park Superintendent conducted a meeting to address an increasing problem of additional un-authorized locks being added to the lower Hualapai Mountain and Getz Peak communication site gates.   In addition, the KAUA/BLM lock and other user’s locks have been cut off several times and replaced with an unknown lock(s) restricting access to other authorized Users.   This has caused unnecessary delays, frustration and damage to the gate system which despite notifications and warnings is still ongoing.    Since the lower Hualapai Mountain gate in under the direct jurisdiction of the Mohave County Parks, several unknown locks have been removed from that gate and taken to the Ranger Station on Hualapai Mountain Park.   The County Park lock and BLM lock remain in which all users for the interim will need to use the BLM lock which copies are available via the BLM Field Office at 2755 Mission Blvd off of Hualapai Mountain Road in Kingman AZ 86401 or by calling/texting the KAUA President  at 928-727-0598.

In order to resolve this issue the KAUA, with the support of the BLM and Mohave County Parks Dept., will be modifying the gates so only one combination lock will be used to gain access.   Tentatively this change is scheduled to occur in late January 2020.    This method will allow better access by sharing the combination with all authorized users and their contractors.   It will also allow an efficient way of addressing security issues if the combination falls to unauthorized access in which the combination could be changed.   A security issue would only arise if users or their contractors were careless resulting in trespass or other violation.   The KAUA will make every effort to keep all KAUA Member/User organizations on the implementation and combination for the access gate(s).    In addition, a sign will be posted at the gate for those visiting/new authorized users how to obtain the lock combination during non-business hours.

Questions or concerns may be directed to:

Ken McLaughlin – KAUA President 928-727-0598  kenm@wecominc.com

Justin Brown – KAUA Road Committee Chairman  justinb@wecominc.com

Jeremy Palmer – Hualapai Mountain Park Superintendent   Jeremy.Palmer@mohavecounty.us


The Oatman Goldroad Crest lock box containing access to the sites was destroyed by a person trying to access a site to perform service.   The individual contacted KAUA and said he would replace it.  To date it has not been replaced.   Since that time there has been two other forced entry by unknown persons including damage to the gate itself.  Currently there is a BLM keyed lock and chain in place.

>UPDATE MARCH 15, 2020 <

Combination locks have been attached next to the traditional BLM key lock on the lower Hayden Peak road gate within the Hualapai Mountain County Park and the Getz Peak gates.   Both locks will remain in place until decided at the March 25th, 2020 meeting when or if the keyed BLM locks can be removed from the gates.    The combination is available by contacting KAUA or the Kingman BLM Field Office.