President’s Message

Dear KAUA Lease Holder,

I hope that you, your family, friends and customers are safe and healthy.  The Covid-19 has affected us all in one way or the other.   It is well understood that all of us have had to deal with the national crisis in our own way and carry out the mission of providing uninterrupted communication services for government, business and the public.  I would like to update you on KAUA progress and some pending issues.

The KAUA Board Secretary Treasurer and Road Committee have been working very hard to collect outstanding road fees and now have reached a point to where repairs and improvements are possible in the near future.   A contractor should soon be working with the Road Committee and the Bureau of Land Management to clear the way for road work.  As always due to the progress of some of the collections and the amount of money it takes to repair the road, it is likely the funds will be depleted following repairs to the Hualapai Mountain, Getz Peak and Oatman Roads.

This brings us to an unprecedented issue.  Since the annual KAUA meeting and inspections have not taken place, our continuity of business has been disrupted.  Assessment rates, old and new business have not been addressed.   The Board is still open for business and is always available to answer your questions or provide information you need to help you with your mission and issues involving your BLM Lease.

There are two pending issues which need some sort of participation (perhaps virtual in form) and need to be addressed:

  1. The 2020/2021 road fee assessment needs to move forward as all the roads will need repair and maintenance in the future.   Once we repair the road in December or January  (if there is no snow) the following year will bring the issue back depending on rain or other severe storms.   There has been discussion on how to address this and the consensus in the absence of the 2020 BLM inspections.  This will be to provide an opportunity for each leaseholder to maintain the amount of transmitters listed in 2019 or call/email in the user’s actual count to the KAUA.  This will be an honor system as some users may have removed transmitters from their facilities.   The absence of a response will regarded as a “no change” which will result in an assessment based on the previous year for the user.    In this next year 2021, assessments will be mailed out to each of the Hualapai Mountain,  Getz Peak and Oatman Mountain leaseholders.  Without funding for 2021, there will be no way to maintain the roads.  Road and BLM fees are a part of the terms and conditions that maintain the leases for all of our sites.
  2. The KAUA By-Laws do not provide a clear and specific guidance to conduct business in the absence of annual meetings; there three issues pending for a change to the by-laws listed below:

CONDUCT BUSINESS VIRTUALLY:  As needed due to the Covid-19 not allowing BLM hosted meetings that have been done for many years,   I would like to use the services of a business Attorney to craft the language and procedures to add a “Virtual Business Procedure” for the KAUA board and all it’s members which would allow us to move forward and continue our cooperative relationship with the Bureau of Land Management.  The cost of this Attorney could be up to $400.00.  Your comments and questions on this matter would be appreciated.    Having this would very likely improve our organization’s ability to conduct business.


The KAUA Bylaws have a clause for snow removal which implies an obligation to spend money to remove snow.   Many users including myself believe this should be removed from the bylaws as snow cat services and the ability for many of the users to access snowbound sites is much easier than previous years.   Depleting our road funds for snow removal just doesn’t make sense since we already struggle to maintain the roads as it is.  I urge you to motion for this change.


Technology has improved since the KAUA Bylaws were drafted and adopted years ago.   There are members of the KAUA that would like to initiate construction which is pinned down on old technology rules.   Improvements in transmitters, receivers and FCC rules make some of the current bylaws regarding construction of new sites and transmitters not permitted which is obsolete.   Taking a close look at the transmitter rules is long overdue and would benefit all KAUA Users.  Please participate and consider proposals for such changes as these needs to be addressed.


It is imperative that all KAUA User organization institutionalize a system to keep track of who is representing them and keep the contact list on the current and accurate.  Someone in that organization needs to be in close contact with the decision makers especially with the prospect of KAUA becoming more virtual in conduction business.

Please stay safe and healthy,

Ken McLaughlin-KAUA President