On June 2, 2020 at between the hours of 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. a group of individuals appearing to be a communication site work crew was seen driving two trucks through the Hualapai Mountain Park at excessive speeds.  One vehicle was a green Dodge with Arizona Veteran license plates hauling a trailer through the lower Hayden gate.   It was observed driving at excessive speed through the park with apparent disregard to life and property.   When confronted by Hualapai Mountain Park staff, the individuals became argumentative to the concerns of the staff.

This is completely unacceptable and reckless to the safety of visitors and employees of the park which includes the act of disrespect for the Park staff.    This is on the path which leads to our communications sites.   The Hualapai Mountain Park staff is a friend and partner of the Kingman Area Users Association and Bureau of Land Management.   If any communication site users or their contractors are observed behaving this way, those who use, respect and appreciate the gateway to the communications sites will report such to the Park Law Enforcement Officer and may be cited for any applicable violation.  These acts of disregard tends to reflect poorly on the rest of the users.   If you observe this taking place please note the vehicle description, complete license plate information and company logo if available.   You can report it to the county park staff or KAUA President at 928-279-9646 in which the information will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement officer.

Ken McLaughlin – KAUA President