Please keep informed of the “Ridge Fire” that is actively burning  in the Hualapai Mountain range.   Mohave County, Arizona State Fire, BLM Fire and local Fire agencies that are preparing and/or presently moving more recourses into the area to engage this major wildland fire.  On August 19, 2020 a representative from Wecom Communications at the request of Mohave County Emergency management and the KAUA President was sent to a meeting of all organizations involved in the mitigation efforts.  This was to brief incident commanders and support agencies of the present site(s) infrastructure and locations communication sites.  Fire control agencies are taking all appropriate steps to minimize the risk of communication sites coming into risk of fire.  All involved know how critical this is to the region.

NOTE:  Strict Accountability on the way up to the sights is being implemented by all public safety workers; meaning, all sight users and their contractors must obey all directions of fire, law enforcement and support personnel.  This also requires that after hours, all technician’s or their contractors must SIGN IN at the lower gate using the metal box next to the trailhead display (near the gate).  If the situation escalates there may be delays accessing your site.   You must keep informed at all times.

Please keep your organization informed using the information portal provided below.   Any questions to the KAUA Board may be directed to Ken McLaughlin at 928-727-0598 or email kenm@wecominc.com

Please access the latest information by clicking the link below.