Roads/Meeting updates

On April 30, 2021 the KAUA President had an opportunity to travel to the Hayden Peak communication sites and observe the road conditions following the deployment of fire control personnel, equipment and a bulldozer that had traveled to the top site.   Unfortunately, no meaningful road work, improvements or signs of use of such implements being utilized in favor of the road were seen and the roads remains in the same conditions as before (perhaps slightly more damaged)  since the onset of the Flag Fire.  On May 4, 2021 for the second time a Hayden Peak road meeting with KAUA, BLM and Mohave County was cancelled until sometime in June.  It was hoped that some arrangement could be made with BLM and/or Mohave County to make road repairs and improvements before scheduling the general Annual KAUA Membership meeting.  The road and other administrative (ByLaw) issues are pending and hopefully get addressed as soon as possible.  In the absence of a fully seated Road Committee, I have not authorized spending KAUA funds until a sustainable solution can be crafted to fix the roads.

Ken McLaughlin-KAUA President