Following a road inspection with BLM and prospective contractor at the end of 2020 of the Haulapai Hayden Peak road which starts from the County Park leading to Potato Patch I & II, Black Mesa and the top facilities at Hayden Peak, we (KAUA) are not able to provide adequate funding to meet the contractors needs to provide the necessary work.   This is the case,  even with little to no arrears of user or having nearly all road fee collected in 2019-2020, the scope of work needed falls short of what needs to be done.  The KAUA has a balance of $23,397 for Hayden Peak and $4074.79 for Getz Peak.  This amount which has been collected at the rate of which the body of the KAUA voted and adopted can not meet the last contractors needs to move the equipment to the site and execute the necessary repairs of damaged road, culverts, water drainage and sustainable surfaces.  The annual meeting and inspections to collect additional funding have been delayed due to the Covid-19     With this situation in hand, KAUA President has reached out to the BLM who is scheduling a meeting with the Mohave County Public Works (road department) and Emergency Management to see if KAUA funds can be used for other resources that may be available to address the road problem.  This meeting will take place on Thursday April 22, 2021.   The outcome of that meeting will be published on the KAUA website Notices section.   Sometime following this meeting event a general KAUA meeting date will be determined and published.