Annual Meeting – March 25, 2008

Kingman Area Users Association

At the Bureau of Land Management, 2755 Missions Blvd, Kingman, AZ 86401

March 25, 2008 @ 10:00 AM

Members signed in:
Alan Hines- SW Transmission Corp
Teri Wells- Sprint/Nextel
Mr. Ortiz- El Paso
Jeff Mathieson- Frontier
Arthur Goldberg-BLM
Michael Pardee- APS
Fran Kren- BNSF RR
Richard Boykiu- NdoW
Gabriel Stuart- Sparkplug
Doug Dalby- Tucson Electric
Mike Schwubit- Mohave Wireless
Don Sehulster- Mohave Wireless
Rick Wigglesworth- Comcell/KAUA Vice- President
MaryAnn Skals-E & T Sites/ KAUA Secretary
Ken McLaughlin- E&T Sites/ KAUA President
Mike Kieffer- Frontier
Tim Kieffer-AZDPS
Robert Adams- Boy Scouts of America
Jon Roger-Hero LLC/ KMOH-TV6
Greg Smith-Mohave S.O.
Jim Vine-Vine Comm
Jack Trahan- WECOM/KAUA Treasurer
Noelle Trahan-WECOM
Joyce Cook- BLM

Introductions: 10:00 AM

Synopsis of what the Association is for- Ken McLaughlin

Old Business:

1. Minutes from 2007 KAUA Meeting( published and circulates to members for approval)

Ø Amend Jack Trahan’s name to read Trahan instead of Trehan
Ø Jack Trahan- Wecom/KAUA Treasurer motion to accept minutes as published with above noted amendment.
Ø Don Sehulster/Mohave Wireless seconded.

2. Treasures Report –Januaray 1,2007 through December 31, 2007.

Ø Noelle Trahan- Wecom read the financial report to the membership.
Ø Motion to accept Treasure’s report as read by Don Sehulster- Mohave Wireless.
Ø Second by Rick Wigglesworth- Comecell/KAUA Vice President.
Ø Motion passed unanimously.

3. Technical Report-

Ø Technical Report was read by Rick Wigglesworth-Comcell/ KAUA Vice President
Ø Motion to accept Technical report as read by Jack Trahan-Wecom/ KAUA Treasurer.
Ø Motion seconded by Don Sehulster-Mohave Wireless.
Ø Motion passed unanimously.

4. Road Committee Report

Ø Road Committee report Read by Don Adams/ Boy Scouts.
Ø Hayden- Don told the membership what work had been done in the past year and what was needed for the upcoming year. Don believes that all work that needs to be done can be done with the same amount of assessment that we had last year.
Ø Goldroad Crest- Don reported that this road was a “mess”. There were washouts and parts of the road needing to be built up to prevent further erosion.
Ø No questions were asked.
Ø Motion was made by Rick Wigglesworth-Comcell/KAUA Vice President to accept the Road Committee Report.
Ø Don Sehulster- Mohave Wireless seconded the motion.
Ø Motion carried unanimously.

5. Standing of Members

Ø All members in good standing with the following excdptions:

Bella LLC, SW Transmission, Western Area Power, and Murphy Brown

Ø American Tower needs to be notified of empty building

New Business

1. Inspections

Ø Discussion on the Importance of the Associations using the Smith Peak User Associations as an example.
Ø Discussion on the expenses occurred by members who actually spend their times working for the Association.
Ø There is money enough this year in the treasury so we will not need to special bill this year but start adding the billing for next year.
Ø Discussion on the cost of inspections for the people who participate.
Ø Discussion about adding a per site amount for these fees as opposed to adding on the application fee.
Ø Discussion about fuel hazard assessment by Joyce Cook.
Ø MaryAnn Skals- E&T Sites/KAUA Secretary will be writing letters and sending them out to all members about the hazards and will included Joyce Cook’s-BLM report.
Ø A motion to pay $100.00 per day for the people who do the inspections, $400.00 for sec/tres and to bill these separately by Rick Wigglesworth.
Ø Second was made by Jeff Mathieson.
Ø Motion carried unanimously.
Ø Goldroad Crest inspection to be done on May 8th at 9am.
Ø Hualapai & Getz inspection to be done July 10 at 9 am
Ø Motion to accept these dates and time for inspections made by Rick Wigglesworth.
Ø Second by Don Sehulster.
Ø Motion carried unanimously.

2. Road Assessment

Ø Jack Trahan-Wecom/KAUA Treasurer recommended that we leave the assements at the same as for the last year.
Ø Motion was made by Ken McLaughlin- E&T Sites/KAUA President toleave assessments at the same rate as the last year.
Ø Don Sehulster-Mohave Wireless seconded the motion.
Ø Motion carried unanimously.

3. Election of officers

Ø Discussion as to whether anyone wanted to fill the seats of any of the officer postions. No one volunteered except the present officers.
Ø Jack Trahan made a motion to keep the officers of present.
Ø Gabriel Stuart-Sparkplug seconded the motion.
Ø Motion was carried unanimously.

4. Committees:

§ Financial Committee- Noelle Trahan- Wecom / Treasurer & MaryAnn Skals-E & T Sites/ Secretary
§ Motion by Rick Wigglesworth-Comcell
§ Second by Don Sehulster- Mohave Wireless
§ Technical Committee: Rick Wigglesworth- Comcell/KAUA Vice President, Ken Mc Laughlin- E&T Sites/KAUA President, Jack Trahan-Wecom
o Motion to accept by Don Sehulster-Mohave Wireless
§ Seconded by Rick Wigglesworth-Comcell/KAUA Vice President
§ Motion carried unanimously
§ Road Committee: Jack Trahan Wecom, Bob Adams,Boy Scouts of America
§ Motion to accept by Rick Wigglesworth-Comcell/KAUA Vice President
Ø Seconded by Don Sehulster-Mohave Wireless
§ Motion carried unanimously

5. Comments or Questions:

Ø None

6. Adjournment

Ø Motion to adjourn made by Don Sehulster-Mohave Wireless
Ø Seconded by Rick Wigglesworth-Comcell/KAUA Vice President
Ø Motion carried unanimously at 10:53 AM