Annual Meeting – March 14, 2007

Kingman Area Users Association

At the Bureau of Land Management, 2755 Mission Blvd, Kingman, AZ 86401

March 14,2007 @ 10:00

Members signed in:
Jack Trehan- Wecom/HAUA Treasurer
Lewis Trujillo- DDE WAPA
John Reynolds- Cameron Broadcasting
Alan Haines- SW Transmission Corp
Doug Dolby- Tucson Electric & Power
Michael Pardee-Arizona Public Service
Rich Birch-Frontier
Tim Kiefer- Arizona DPS
Ken McLaughlin-E&T Sites/ HAUA President
Richard Wigglesworth-Comcell/HAUA Vice-President
MaryAnn Skals- E&T Sites/HAUA Secretary
David Grady- BNSF RR
Don Sehulster- Mohave Wireless
Gabe Stuart-Telespectra Com
Rick Fulkerson- Mountain Goat Broadcasting
John Patrou-BLM
Greg Smith-MCSO
John Kages- Bela/Kmoit
Jeff Mathieson- Frontier
Ruben Sanchez-BLM
Mike Gilbelyon-Unisource Energy services
Robert Adams- Boys Scouts of America
Faron Echelbarger-Media Center/Murphy Broadcasting
Wade Reaves-BLM
Rebecca Peck-BLM
Gordon Amerson-BLM CA Desert Dist
Bill Tynan-NPS
Eric Eggen- NDOW Nevada Wildlife
Gordon Emerson- California on the speakerphone
Joyce Cook- BLM

Introductions: 10:00am

Synopsis of what the Association is all about.- Ken McLaughlin-HAUA President/ E&T

Old Business:

1. Minutes from 2006 KAUA Meeting (published and circulated to members for approval)

Amendment to last year’s technical report asked to be amended.
Rick Fulkerson -Mountain Goat Broadcasting motion to accept minutes as published with amendment.
Rick Wigglesworth- Comcell/HAUA Vice President seconded.
Motion passed unanimously.

2. Treasures Report January 1, 2006 through December 31,2006

Jack Trehan- Wecom/E&T/HAUA Treasurer read the financial report to the membership. Assessment went out last year for $10,000, instead of $12,000 for Hayden Peak.
Jack asked that anyone who is not paid up to please see him to become current.
Motion to accept treasure’s report as read by Rick Wigglesworth-Comcell/HAUAVice-President
Rick Fulkerson- Mountain Goat Broadcasting seconded.
Motion carried unanimously.

3. Technical Report-

Read by Richard Wigglesworth Comcell/HAUA Vice President
Motion to accept the technical report as read and published Michael Pardee-APS.
Seconded by Jack Trehan- Wecom/E&T/HAUA Treasurer
Motion carried unanimously.

4. Road Committee report

Report by Jack Trehan-Wecom/E&T/Treasurer.
Hayden-Jack Trehan Wecom/E&T/Treasurer had Robert Adams- Boy Scouts of America give synopsis of what he has done and what he needs to do this year.
Goldroad Crest- by Jack Trehan- Wecom/E&T/Treasurer
. Jack had JT grading grade the road this last year.
Motion to accept as dictated by Richard Wiggles worth- Comcell/HAUA Vice President.
Discussion about Mt Perkins. BLM maintained no fees collected at this time.
Second by Don ___________
Motion carried.

New Business

1. Web site discussion lead by Richard Wigglesworth-Comcell/HAUA Vice President

Joyce Cook- BLM took us through the website.

2. Fire Hazard Reduction Discussion-

25ft around site is the owner’s responsibility- you can either remove debris or put into a slash pile for the BLM burn.
BLM will be doing a clean up project up there with either a wood chipper or burning. They want to keep the smoke down to a minimum.


Goldroad Crest- inspection slated to start at 9 am on May 9.
Hualapai & Getz Peak- inspections will be held June 7 starting at 9 am meeting at Potato Patch and working from the bottom to the top.
Motion to accept by Rick Fulkerson-Mountain Goat Broadcasting
Seconded by MaryAnn Skals -E&T/HAUA Secretary
Motion carried unanimously.

4.Road Assessments

Discussion lead by Jack Trehan- Wecom/E&T/Treasurer
Jack proposed the assessment for Hayden Peak remain at $10,000 instead of $12,000.
Motion to keep Hayden assessment at $10,00 by Jack Trehan- Wecom/E&T/Treasurer
Seconded by Richard Wigglesworth-Comcell/HAUA Vice President
Motion carried unanimously
Jack Trehan made a motion to keep Goldroad Crest assessment at $500.00.
Seconded by Dave Grady-BNSF RR
Motion carried.

5.Election of officers:

Ken McLaughlin, Richard Wigglesworth and MaryAnn Skals were asked to all stay in their correct potions as President, Vice- President and Secretary respectively. All accepted and the motion was carried unanimously.

6. Committees:

Financial Committee- Jack Trehan-Wecom/ E&T Sites/HAUA Treasurer & MaryAnn Skals- E&T Sites/HAUA Secretary
Technical Committee: Richard Wigglesworth- Comcell/HAUA Vice President, Ken McLaughlin- E&T Sites/HAUA President, & Rick Fulkerson- Mountain Goat Broadcasting
Road Committee- Jack Trehan- Wecom/E&T/HAUA Treasurer, Bob Adams- Boy Scouts of America & Faron Echelbarger- Media Center/Murphy Broadcasting

7. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn made by Rick Fulkerson- Mountain goat Broadcasting.
Seconded by Jack Trehan-Wecom/E&T/HAUA Treasurer.
Motion carried unanimously.