Annual Meeting – March 8, 2006

Kingman Area Users Association

At the Bureau of Land Management, 2755 Mission Blvd, Kingman AZ 86401

March 8, 2006 @ 11:00 a.m.

Members signed in:

Jeff Mattieson – Frontier Communications
Rick Birch- Frontier Communications
John Hazen – El Paso Natural Gas
Russell Williams – El Paso Natural Gas
Rick Fulkerson – Mountain Goat Broadcasting
Angel Parra – Salt River Project
Jim Vine – Vine Communications
Mike Gibelyou – UniSource
Captain Greg Smith – Mohave County Sheriff’s Office
Bill Tynan – Lake Mead National Park Service
John Patron – Bureau of Land Management
Faron Eckelbarger-Media Center
Joyce Cook – Bureau of Land Management
Alan Haines – Southwest Transmission Coop
Jimmie Gray – Crown Castle Communications
Robert Adams – Boy Scouts of America
Jack Trahan – Wecom Inc.
Ken McLaughlin- E & T Sites
MaryAnn Skals – E & T Sites
Richard Wiglesworth – RCS & Comcell Communications
Cliff Conradt- State of Nevada Department of Wildlife
Guy Dudley – Nevada Division of State Parks
Dave Cooper- Cameron Broadcasting

11:00 a.m.
Rick Fulkerson – President
Rick Wiglesworth – Vice President
Secretary Treasurer – (vacant) Jack Trahan acting VP.


1. Minutes from 2005 KAUA Meeting Minutes: (published & circulated to members)

o Jeff Mathiesen FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS motion to accept minutes as published.

o Jack Trahan WECOM seconded

o Motion passed unanimously.

2. Financial Report January 1 to December 31 2005 – Acting Secretary Jack Trahan

o Jack Trahan WECOM INCread the financial report to the membership.

o Jack Trahan and Ken McLaughlin E&T SITES signature authorizations were added to the KAUA bank account @ Arizona Savings in Kingman AZ.

o Road Assessment fees deposited.

o Transmitter Fees Deposited.

o Motion to accept financial report by Rick Wiglesworth COMCELL

Second by Ken McLaughlin E&T SITES

Motion carried unanimously

3. Technical Committee Report – Acting Secretary Jack Trahan

o Motion to accept technical report by Ken McLaughlin E&T SITES.

Second by Rick Wiglesworth COMCELL.

o Goldroad Crest site was approved.

agreedc to site inspection days and times gold road 5/10 9 am & Hulapai 6/6 9 am

4. Road committee report – Acting Secretary Jack Trahan

o Hualapai / Goldroad $5000.00 Bob Adams 716-8188 < access problems >Roadwork can begin Sept 1, 2006

o Discussion on road issues, maintenance, construction season, & concerns.

o Motion to accept Road Committee report by Jack Trahan WECOM; seconded by Rick Wiglesworth COMCELL.


1. INSPECTIONS – President Rick Fulkerson

o Discussion.

o Goldroad May 10th 2006 9:00 a.m. Arizona time; proposed inspection date motioned by Jack Trahan-WECOM and seconded by Jeff Mathiesen FRONTIER

COMMUNICATIONS. Motion carried unanimously.

o Hualapai June 6th, 2006 Tues 9:00 a.m. proposed inspections motion by Rick Wiglesworth COMCELL and seconded by Jack Trahan WECOM. Motion carried unanimously.

2. ROAD ACCESS (set fund) Discussion HUALAPAI MOUNTAIN – President Fulkerson.

o Discussion.

o $12,000 purposed by Jack Trahan WECOM, seconded by Jim Vine VINE COMMUNICATIONS for Hayden Peak.

3. ROAD ACCESS (set fund) Discussion GOLDROAD CREST – President Fulkerson. $5000.00 proposed by Jack Trahan WECOM and seconded by MaryAnn Skalls E&T SITES.

4. Discussion on Getz Peak Jack Trahan WECOM reported a new gate to (replacement) and needed and to keep the standard BLM lock (universal key)

5. Site Maintenance & Safety: Joyce Cook BLM briefed membership of fire danger that exists at several radio sites. Members are strongly encouraged to do what is necessary and may cut vegetation necessary to minimize fire hazards. “Take care of your site”

6. KAUA Participation & Committee Tasks – Jack Trahan WECOM read a prepared statement to the membership and explained that we need to restructure and follow through on task previously performed by Charlie Ellis E&T SITES who was dependable and took care of the bulk of the associations activities. “Committees need to do their jobs”

7. Getz Peak – no assessment at this time; Getz peak gate- Joyce Cook – BLM says needs to be replaced & reenforced. Jack Trahan- WECOM will pursue cost of new gate- action item.

8. Willow Beach – Jack Trahan-WECOM and Jim Vine-VINE COMM. will work on that.

9. KAUA Website-Rick Wiglesworth; Ken McLaughlin E&T SITES volunteered to assist Rick in developing a webpage for the association. Forms, announcements, contacts, etc.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: President Fulkerson presiding.

1. Secretary Treasurer : Mary Ann Skals E&T SITES; motioned by Jack Trahan WECOM, and seconded by Jim Vine VINE COMMUNICATIONS; Mary Ann Skals accepted and motion was carried unanimously.

2. Vice President: Rick Wiglesworth COMCELL

3. President: Ken McLaughlin E&T SITES volunteered to be KAUA President for 2006/2007. This was additionally motioned by Jack Trahan-WECOM and seconded by Rick Wiglesworth-COMCELL. Motion was carried unanimously.

COMMITTEES: President Fulkerson presiding.

TECHNICAL: Richard Wiglesworth – Chairman, Members: Rick Fulkerson, Ken McLaughlin

ROAD: Jack Trahan, Jim Vine, Bob Adams


Respectfully submitted: Mary Ann Skals – KAUA Secretary-Treasurer.


Kingman Area User Association

Technical Report for Wed, March 14, 2007

The following is the annual technical report from the Kingman Area User Association.

The 2006 Site inspections went quite well with no major issues. The main inspections were conducted at the Hualapai Mountain / Getz Peak and Goldroad Crest sites with no major issues. A separate inspection was held for SRP for their radio site. No interference issues were present at any of the sites visited.

Some minor issues over site inspections include the removal of weeds near buildings to minimize fire hazards, this is a mandatory action for all site owners. Also a note that if there are any antennas or unused cables which are not going to be used in the future, please remove them from the tower.

Also a note. When installing new frequencies at the sites please submit all technical installation sheets to the tech committee in addition to BLM. This is so that the data can be entered into the user database and to help in performing intermod studies.

Thanks to all technical committee members for donating their time during the site inspections. And thanks to all of the site owners for continuing to keep the communications sites clean both physically and RF wise.

If there are any site owners / users that have installed new equipment / frequencies at any of the sites that have not completed technical data sheets to please do so.


Richard Wiglesworth

Technical Committee Chairman