Annual Meeting – March 30, 2010


At the Bureau of Land Management, 2755 Mission Blvd, Kingman AZ

3/30/10 10 AM

Introductions: 10:00 am

Noted- Vice President Rick Wigglesworth not present

Old Business:

1. Minutes from 2009 KAUA Meeting (published and circulated to the members present for approval)

Jack Trahan – Wecom motion to accept minutes as published.

Noelle Trahan- Wecom seconded

Motion passed unanimously.

2. Treasures Report February 28, 2009 thru March 31, 2010

Noelle Trahan- Wecom/HAUA Treasurer read the financial report to the membership present.

Noelle asked that anyone who is not paid up to please see her to become current.

Cameron & American Tower Representatives gave her their business cards to be able to contact them at a later date.

Motion to accept treasure’s report as read by Jack Trahan/Wecom

John Ritl/ SSWTCO seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

3. Technical Report-

Read by Ken McLaughlin / E & T Sites-KAUA President

No comments or questions.

Motion to accept the technical report as read and published Brian Davis/ LV Metro PD

Seconded by Noelle Trahan- Wecom/KAUA Treasurer

Motion carried unanimously.

4. Road Committee report

Report by Colton Kincheloe

Ken McLaughlin asked for questions or comments.

Motion to accept as read by Noelle Trahan/Wecom/KAUA Treasurer.Second by Doug Dalby/Tucson Electric.

Motion passed unanimously.

5. Old Business:

Fire Prevention- Wade/BLM – They will be doing slash pile burning again this year.

Re-emphasis on clearing around structures and towers and tanks.

Long term- they will be working on and burning pine needles this winter

Jack Trahan/ Wecom said he appreciated the email about fires.

6. New Business

Joyce Cook-BLM; Briefing and new instruction manual on Motorola R56 Standards.

No new requirements to users at this time.

7. Road Assessments-

Motion to keep as is by Jack Trahan/Wecom

Second by Buddy Ortega/ El Paso.

Motion passed unanimously.

8. Officer Elections

Motion made by Jack Trahan/Wecom to keep all officers the same as this year.

Seconded by Brian Davis/LV Metro PD.

Motion approved unanimously.


Technical Committee- needs more help. Jack Trahan offered to help as needed.

Road Committee – same as last year.

Financial Committee – same as last year


Jim Vine/Vine Communications brought up the subject of power loss last year. Ken asked everyone to email him details of any incidents that happened via email or reg mail. Discussion ensued about the need for all utilities to be underground. Ken agreed saying that in actuality this could be considered a public safety issue because of the type of customers that are serviced up on the moutains. Doug Dalby stated that 2 years ago there were some problems and UES helped. Maybe we should go to them for a discussion. Jack Trahan agrees that this issue needs to be worked on this last year a sever storm created sever problems for 3-4 days. Ken McLaughlin said he would take the documentation he receives and see if he can get a dialog started.


Gold Road- Tuesday May 4 @ 9AM

Potato Patch /Getz – Wed June 16 @ 9 AM

Hayden- at 11 AM

Motion to Adjourn made by Dave Cooper/ Cameron Broadcasting

Second by Noelle Trahan/ Wecom/ KAUA Treasurer

Motion passed unanimously

Adjourned at 10:55

Attached documents for this meeting can be found here: 033010-Meeting-Documents