Annual Meeting – March 22, 2011


At the Bureau of Land Management

2755 Mission Blvd, Kingman AZ

3/22/2011  10 AM

Introductions & Attendance:

Ken McLaughlin – E&T Sites

MaryAnn Skals- E & T & KAUA   |   Andy Whitefield- BLM   |   Charlie Tegarden- Mohave Wireless   |   Keith Thomas- RCC   |   Rod Koral- RCC   |   Rob McEuen- MSCO

Brandon Lawerence- MSCO   |   Rich Birch- Frontier Comm   |   Jason Arsenault- Frontier   |   Klaus Cornell- WAPA   |   Luke Christian- Crown Castle

Doug Dalby- TRP   |   Bobby Miller- BLM   |   Jeff Dudey- ATC   |   Jack Trahan- Wecom   |   Jim Vine- Vine Communication   |   Jerry Albers- KMOH-TV

Paul Fleming-Wecom   |   Colton Kincheloe- Kincholoe Const   |   Tim Kieffer- AZDPS   |   Donald Petrone- RCS   |   Lydia Ortiz- EPNG   |   Paul Mackey- swtransco

Michael Pardee- APS   |   Jeff Yeagley- LVMPD   |   Sergio Garcia- LVMPD   |   Faron Eckelbarger- Advance Ministries, Murphy Broadcasting and Cameron Broadcasting


Ken McLaughlin, President; MaryAnn Skals, Secretary; Introduced themselves, noted Noelle Fleming, treasurer was unable to attend but sent a treasurers report to be voted upon; Rick Wigglesworth, Vice President not in attendance.

Time 10:03

 Old Business

(a)  Minutes from 2010 KAUA Meeting (published and circulated to the members present for approval)

Jack Trahan – Wecom motion to accept minutes as published on website;

Jim Vine- Vine Communications seconded

Motion passed unanimously


(b)  Treasures Report for March 31,2010 – March 22, 2011

Noelle Fleming- Wecom/HAUA Treasurer sent the financial report with Jack Trahan- Wecom- to be read to the membership present.

It was noted that there was several members not paid up due to the billing going out later because the treasurer was on maternity leave.

Motion to accept treasure’s report as read by Jim Vine-Vine Communications

Rob McEuen-MSCO seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.


(c)Technical Report

Read by Ken McLaughlin / E & T Sites-KAUA President

No comments or questions.

Motion to accept the technical report as read and published Jack Trahan-Wecom

Seconded by Don Patrone- RCS

Motion carried unanimously.


(d) Road Report

Report by Colton Kincheloe

Discussion of road materials and the possibility of unauthorized work done. Ken asked that Colton give Ken all the pertinent information and he will look into the matter. Also Andy Whitefield -BLM- will check into the procedure of others doing road work and will contact Members of the boy scouts to see if they authorized work.

Motion to accept as read by Jack Trahan/Wecom

Second by Jim Vine/ Vine Communications

Motion passed unanimously.


(e)  Member standing-

as discussed in the Treasurers Report

New Business

(a) BLM- Fuel reduction- BLM- Wade Reeves spoke about the thinning done around Hayden along the south side mainly; Potato  Patch  had mostly small ponderosa pine removed, chipped and piled; Getz- south & east side had some work done to it all. Several slash piles had been made and were burned this winter and just finished this month. Wade will join inspections again and identify anything this year that seems to be a problem. Please remember to keep approximately 10-15 feet clear around sites.

There were no closures this year.

(b) BLM- feedback on centralized billing-Jim (Vine Communications) had problems with this system- they added things put things in wrong categories, ect, no phone calls backs, no email response- he  spoke to Scott Purcell who is in charge but had no satisfaction in their response.

There was some discussion about how do we modify out inventory in the 3 month interim with regards to customer move outs and move- ins?    Jim feels there is a liability problem there with that 3 month window, in regards to having to overpay for customers.  Andy suggested that you protest and send verification of the inventory.

Andy said he will relay our concerns to the team.

MaryAnn Skals /KAUA secretary-E&T Sites will make calls to Scott Purcell to see if there is a provision for the moving out of customers with Jack Trahan’s help.

MaryAnn Skals reported that there was a slight mix up in her bill but that one phone call to explain the situation cleared it up and was quite happy with the system.

(c) BLM- New facility at North Getz for “GovNET”

Low powered micro coming in on Getz peak- notices as to when will be mailed to all effected parties.

Rob McEuen-MSCO reported that there was an indication that this system may interfere with GPS for search and rescue as is being reported in Coconino  County.  Ken asked for info from MSCO and will shadow the project to see if this may be a problem and will keep Andy in the loop- things can then be relayed to customers by Andy.

(d) Inspections

Gold Road-April 12, 2011 @ 9 a.m.

                    Hayden-June 8, 2011 @ 9 a.m.

                    Getz- 12 noon

(e) Road Assessment

Oatman road needs some work done and Hayden needs fixing from this last year and more gravel- Jack Trahan-Wecom made a motion of $10,000 assessment for Hayden and $ 5,000 for Gold Road- Discussion followed about Getz not ever done- Getz needs rocks removed yearly and a couple of passes with equipment. Jack Trahan-Wecom will ask Noelle Fleming/ KAUA Treasurer how that works for Getz- because they are paying but nothing being done.

Andy wants to know about authorization on that road and will look into that.

Doug Dalby seconded the motion

Motion passed unanimously

(f)Any other New Business



Election of Officers:

President- Motion made by Jack Trahan/Wecom for Ken McLaughlin to remain as President

Seconded by Jim Vine/ Vine Communications

Motion passed unanimously


Vice President- Motion made by Jack Trahan/ Wecom for Paul Fleming to become the VP

Seconded by Jim Vine/ Vine Communications

Motion passed unanimously

Secretary/Treasurer- Motion made by Jack Trahan/Wecom for MaryAnn Skals/E & T Sites and – Noelle  Fleming/Wecom to remain in this position.

Ron McEuen/ MSCO seconded the motion

Motion passed unanimously


Financial- Noelle Fleming,/Wecom ,MaryAnn Skals/E&T Sites

Technical- Ken McLaughlin E&T Sites, Paul Fleming/Wecom to chair- Don Petrone/RCS- Feron Eckelbarger/Murphy Brodcasting, Advanced Ministries,Cameron Broadcasting

Road- JackTrahan/Wecom, Colton Kincheloe/Kincheloe Construction, Brandon Lawerence/MSCO



Don Patrone-RCS asked that some grading be done up to his site because of loose rock.  Road committe and Colton Kencheloe acknowledged and will take action to have RCS road attended during the next road repair cycle.

Motion was made by Jack Trahan/Wecom to adjourn

Second was made by Don Patrone

Adjournment at 11:12 am

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Kingman Area User’s Association – 2332 Kingman Ave. Kingman, AZ 86401 [Secretary/Treasurer] (928)753-3829

Treasurer’s Report

March 22, 2011

This report covers the period from March 31, 2010 through March 22, 2011. Please note that billing for 2010 wasn’t completed until February 2011 due to the Treasurer being out on Maternity Leave. Since billing for 2010 went out in February of 2011 the dates of this report cover the period from the last meeting to the current meeting instead of just the year 2010 (January-December 2010). Had I not made this change, there would have been no collections for the 2010 year and all members would have shown to be outstanding.

On March 31, 2010, the checkbook balance was $10,184.42 which matched the bank account records at First Arizona Savings. Therefore, the beginning balance as of March 31, 2010, was $10,184.42.

In the 2010 User’s Association meeting, the road assessment for Hayden Peak road was set at $12,000.00, and the assessment for Goldroad Crest was $5,000.00. Not all members of the association are current, and the following assessment fees have been paid: $10,915.70 was collected for Hayden Peak and $312.50 was collected for Goldroad Crest. The following members have outstanding balances due: American Tower, Bela/Hero Broadcasting, Cameron Broadcasting, Mohave County TV Dist, Las Vegas Metro, E&T Sites, BN&SF, TEP, Border Patrol/Homeland Security, and Murphy Broadcasting. Please note that since billing for 2010 wasn’t completed until February 2011, members have only had about 45 days to pay thus far.

The road assessment for Hayden Peak was calculated at $315.79 per Lease and $57.69 per Transmitter. The road assessment for Goldroad Crest was $312.50 per Lease and $58.14 per transmitter.

There was $6,696.35 spent on road expenditures for the Hayden Peak road and $2,160.00 on the Goldroad Crest road.

Please note that First Arizona Savings closed its doors in 2010. KAUA opened a new account with Chase Bank. The ending balance in the Chase Bank Account as of March 22, 2011 was $16,670.77.

The administration expenses for the year were $1,228.06. KAUA still owes out of this account for payment of reimbursements and payment of officers.

Please see detail below.

Respectfully submitted,

March 22, 2011
2009 Account Balance $2,282.05
2010 Account Balance
2010 Billed $14,595.82
Outstanding $3,680.12
Total 2010 Account Balance $10,915.70
2010 Funds for Hayden Peak $13,197.75
2010 Expenses $6,696.35
Total Funds Available for Hayden Peak $6,501.40
2009 Account Balance $4,138.63
2010 Account Balance
2010 Billed $4,999.64
Outstanding $4,687.14
Total 2010 Account Balance $312.50
2010 Funds for Goldroad Crest $4,451.13
2010 Expenses $2,160.00
Total Funds Available for Goldroad Crest $2,291.13
AS OF March 22, 2011
Balance in Goldroad Crest $2,291.13
Balance in Hayden Peak $6,501.40
Balance in Administration Fund $7,878.24
Total Cash $16,670.77
Accounts Receivable $8,367.26
Total Assets: $25,038.03
Total Liablities $0.00
Total Equity $25,038.03
Total Liabilities & Stockholer’s Equity $25,038.03




March 2010 to 2011

In the absence of data from the current 2010-2011 KAUA Technical Committee Chairman, the following is submitted by the remaining committee members Ken McLaughlin-E&T Sites and Jack Trahan-Wecom.

  1. 2 Technical Data Reports have been submitted to the Bureau of Land Management-Kingman Field Office and forwarded (copied) to the KAUA President; they were then mailed and/or emailed to the Technical Committee Chairman.

Those who submitted technical data report sheets were:

–         Arizona Department of Public Safety for Hualapai Mountain

–         Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District for Hualapai Mountain


  1. The current online COMMUNICATION SITE TECHNICAL DATA REPORT  form available on the website was discovered to have some minor data field problems.  i.e.  Item #15 “Dia of pole or Tower” duplicates data in the item #18 “Cable Dia” and item #16 Transmitter “Model No.” duplicates data into item#18 Antenna and Cable System used “Model” duplicates.  There is also the same problem on items #17 to #19.   It is suggested that you fill them out by hand after you print them off the website until a new type of on-line submission form can be posted.


  1. Last years inspections of Hualapai Mountain and Goldroad Crest sites went well with no major problems.  Inspectors were able to assist site holders with solutions to correct minor problems.  This is the case with all inspections as they are conducted in the spirit of cooperation and problem solving.  Al l inspection forms were collected and copied by the BLM Representative to the KAUA President, Secretary/Treasurer to be mailed back to the site holders.


  1.  There were no “intermod” or “noise-floor studies” to report.


  1. Reminder to all KAUA site holders to complete a COMMUNICATION SITE TECHNICAL REPORT prior to operating a new transmitter according to Article 4 Section 1 (1,2,&3) of the BLM adopted KAUA Bylaws.