Annual Meeting – March 29, 2012


At the Bureau of Land Management

2755 Mission Blvd, Kingman AZ

3/29/2012  10:00 A.M.

  1. 1.Introduction:

10:02 start

Ken Mc Laughlin and Andy Whitefield thanked everyone for their time and reminded everyone to please sign in.

Ken also let everyone know that he was in the process of fixing up the internet site but would be done soon.

  1. Old Business

(a)      Ken called for the approval of the minutes of last year’s minutes.

Motion by Noelle Fleming to accept minutes

Paul Fleming-seconded the motion

Pass- unanimously

(b)   Treasures report given by Noelle FlemingQuestion was asked if we could print up enough

treasurers’ report next year for everyone


Ken McLaughlin noted section 4 of by laws in regards of being up to date on payments.

Andy also made a request to make sure all members keep up to date.

Motion was made to pass the Treasurer’s report as read by Jeff Mathiesen of Frontier

Seconded by Jerry Albers of Hero Broadcasting

Pass- unanimously

(c)    Technical report

Paul Fleming read the technical report.

Ken McLaughlin spoke about reformatting the online technical forms so that they could be filled out online and submitted online. Paul Fleming volunteered to have someone do that and will let Ken know when it is done.

Motion made by Noelle Fleming to accept the report as read.

Jeff Mathiesen from Frontier seconded the motion.


(d)   Road committee Report

Road Committee Report read by Paul Fleming.

Paul Fleming reported that Colton Kincheloe had called him earlier to say he would not be able to make it to the meeting as previously thought.

Motion made by Noelle Fleming to accept the report as read.

Jeff Mathiesen from Frontier seconded the motion


(e)   Standing of Members

See treasures report

(f)     New Business

Andy Whitefield of BLM spoke about all microwaves dishes need to be grey or have grey covers.  As weather starts permitting all that are out of  compliance need to come into compliance.  You can contact Andy to get a paint chip sample if needed or have any questions.

Inspection dates were set for April 24, 9am Goldroad Crest

June 21,9am Potato Patch – Getz around noon

We need to be able to get into buildings that we didn’t get into last year.

(g)   Road Assessment

Getz- They don’t pay for road work since they do themselves. A discussion was had about whether to start a fund for road maintenance for them. It was decided to leave things as is for this year.

Don Petrone from Don Petrone made a motion to keep the road assessments as is at $12,000 a year for the Hualapai.

Noelle Fleming seconded it


Noelle Fleming reported that there was an overage on Goldroad Crest because of the weather. Paul Fleming called Colton Kincheloe to verify the reason for the overage. There was a surplus in that account to cover it as per the treasures report.

Jeff Mathiesen made a motion to up the assessment to $7000 to rebuild the fund.

MaryAnn Skals from E & T Sites seconded the motion


(h)   Election of Officer’s- as is

Motion to reinstate officers as is by Brandon Lawrence from MSCO

Jeff Mathiesen from Frontier seconded the motion

Passed- unanimously

(i)     Committees

Financial- Noelle Fleming, Charlie Tegarden, & MaryAnn Skals

Paul Fleming made a motion to accept the above on the Financial Committee

A second made by Brandon Lawrence of MCSO


Tech-Paul Fleming, Ken McLaughlin, Don Patron, Matt Krick

Motion made by Noelle Fleming

Brandon Lawrence of MSCO seconded the motion.


Road- Colton Kincheloe, Ken Mc Laughlin, Brandon Lawrence, Jerry Albers,

Motion made by Noelle Fleming

Seconded by Paul Fleming

Passed- unanimously

(j)     Comments from members


(k)    Adjournment

Jeff Mathiesen made a motion to adjourn

Paul Fleming seconded it.



Attached documents for this meeting can be found here: 03292012-Meeting-Documents