Annual Meeting – March 19, 2013


At the Bureau of Land Management

2755 Mission Blvd, Kingman AZ

3/19/2013  10:00 A.M.

Start time: 10.00 a.m.


Ken McLaughlin (E & T Sites) and Andy Whitefield (BLM) thanked everyone for their time and starts off introductions of everyone in the Kingman BLM Field Office meeting room.

Jeffery Dudey-American Tower | Ron MiJajaes-Global Tower | Kieth Thomas-American Tower | Faron Eckelbarger – Murphy Broadcasting, Advanced Ministries and Cameron Broadcasting |Tim Kieffer-Az Dept of Public Safety | Maria Trool-BLM Kingman Field Office | Andy Whitefield-BLM Kingman Field Office | Ruben Sanchez-BLM Kingman Field Office |Bobby Miller-BLM | MaryAnn Skals-E&T Sites | Ken McLaughlin-E&T Sites | Jason Arsenaul-Frontier Communications | Jerry Albers-Hero Broadcasting | Colton Kincheloe-Kincheloe Construction | Bruce Pritichett-Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.| Paul Castillo-Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.| Matt Krick-KGMN,Mohave Armature Radio Club |Tim Sonier-Mohave County Sheriff | Paul Brady-Nevada Dept of Parks | Bill Tynan-NPS Lake Mead NRA | Paul Mackey-Southwestern Transmission Co-op | Jack Trahan-Wecom, Inc., DataMax and E&T Sites | Noelle Fleming-DataMax, Wecom, Inc. | Jodi Harmon-Western Area Power Administration | Michael Balen-APS | Lydia Oritz-Kender Morgan

Maryann Skals (E&T Sites) reminds everyone to please sign in legibly and to please make any corrections to the members list that she is passing around. There was a high amount of emails that were undeliverable and many phone numbers not in use.



Approval of 2012 meeting minutes as published on

Motion by Jack Trahan (Wecom) to accept the minutes as read.

Jerry Albers (Hero Broadcasting) seconded the motion.

Passed unanimously.


Treasurer’s report read by Noelle Fleming (Wecom).

A discussion was had about not having enough moneys to pay bills on time, for example Kincheloe Construction wasn’t paid for roadwork done for almost 5 months.  Members who owe money must pay on time so bills can be paid.   If you have a question, problem or dispute over the billing, please email Noelle Fleming (Wecom) right away. Her contact information can be found on our website

Kingman Area Users Association
2332 Kingman Ave.
Kingman, AZ 86401
(928) 753-3829
Treasurer’s Report

March 18, 2013.
This report covers the period from March 27, 2012 through March 18, 2013. This is the period from the last annual meeting to the current meeting. Billing for 2012 was completed on October 23, 2012.  On March 27, 2012, the check book balance was $8,352.50 which matched the bank account records at Chase Bank. Therefore, the beginning balance as of March 27, 2012, was $8352.50.   In the 2012 User’s Association meeting, the road assessment for Hayden Peak road was set at $12,000.00, and the assessment for Goldroad Crest was set at $7,000.00. Not all members of the association are current, and the following assessment fees have been paid. $8004.13 was collected for Hayden Peak and $841.42 on Goldroad Crest. The following members have outstanding balances due: American Tower, Hero Broadcasting, BN&SF, Border Patrol, Cameron Broadcasting, Crown Castle, Global Towers, Las Vegas Metro, Mohave County TV, Murphy Broadcasting, Radio Communications, Tucson Electric, WAPA. (Note: Not all of these outstanding balances due are for the most recent year. Some are for previous years and some for more than one previous year.)
The road assessment for Hayden was calculated at $352.95 per Lease and $33.90 per Transmitter. The road assessment for Goldroad was $388.89 per Lease and $63.64 per transmitter.    There was $10,005.00 spent on road expenditures for the Hayden Peak road and $4,600.00 on the Goldroad Crest road.

The ending balance in the Chase Bank account as of March 18, 2013 was $5,205.34.
The administration expenses for the year were $490.00. KAUA still owes out of this account for payment of reimbursements, payment of officers, and payment for inspections.

Please see detail below.
Respectfully submitted,
Noelle Fleming


March 18, 2013

2011 Account Balance $ (267.44)
2012 Account Balance
2012 Billed $ 12,000.15
Outstanding $ 3,996.02
Total 2012 Account Balance $ 8,004.13
2012 Funds for Hayden Peak $ 7,736.69
2012 Expenses $ (10,005.00)
Total Funds Available for Hayden Peak $ (2,268.31)
2011 Account Balance $ (4,661.89)
2012 Account Balance
2012 Billed $ 7,000.01
Outstanding $ 6,158.59
Total 2012 Account Balance $ 841.42
2012 Funds for Goldroad Crest $ (3,820.47)
2012 Expenses $ (4,600.00)
Total Funds Available for Goldroad Crest $ (8,420.47)

March 18, 2013

Balance in Goldroad Crest $ (8,420.47)
Balance in Hayden Peak $ (2,268.31)
Balance in Administration Fund $ 20,509.12
Total Cash $ 5,205.34
Accounts Receivable (2012) $ 10,154.61
Total Assets $ 15,359.95
Liabilities $ –
Total Liabilities
Total Equity $ 15,359.95
Total Liabilities & Stockholder’s Equity $ 15,359.95
AS OF March 18, 2013

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as read by Jerry Albers (hero Broadcasting)

MaryAnn Skals (E&T Sites) seconded the motion

Passed unanimously.


Technical report completed and read on behalf of the Vice President’s post:

Kingman Area User’s Association

Technical Report for Tuesday March 19th, 2013

 The following was prepared by Ken McLaughlin – E&T’s Sites, Acting Technical Committee chairman, KAUA President.   KAUA past Vice President / Technical Committee Chairman unable to attend.

The KAUA site inspections were conducted on April 24th, 2012 at 09:00 a.m. for Goldroad Crest and Hualapai Mountain on June 21st, 2012 also beginning at 09:00 a.m.  There were two BLM representatives and two KAUA inspectors for each event.  The technical committee would especially like thank Matt Krick of KGMN & K7MPR  who has come up to speed very quickly on the inspection process and has been dependable in helping KAUA accomplish the mission of site/lease compliance.  Over time, the “inspection team” comprised of the KAUA Technical Committee and BLM representatives have become more familiar with each site, the compliance issues and applicability of the KAUA Technical Standards which are required to be followed as one of the terms and conditions of a lease.

Over the past several years of conducting these inspections, the technical committee attempts to take a problem solving approach to addressing various non-compliance.  Our inspectors have various backgrounds; however, understand the Technical Standards outlined in Article IV of the KAUA Bylaws.  We attempt to apply reasonable actions, recommend solutions and work towards not having continuous problems that can eventually be referred to BLM for enforcement.

This can be very difficult when a KAUA site lease member or representative:

1.    Fails to pass on the workings of the KAUA to a successor in there own organization, which in my   personal experience, has happened several times resulting in year after year no-shows at a particular site.

2.    Does not pay close attention to inspection dates or attend meetings which are posted on the KAUA website

3.    Fails to report current contact information for KAUA.

4.    Fails to inform there parent company of the terms and conditions of such lease which involves the business of the KAUA.  These kinds of misunderstandings have become more frequent especially when a site ownership is transferred.

Such a case occurred on the June 21st inspections on Hualapai Mountain – Hayden Peak, which involved a site which ownership was transferred from one company to another.  On the face of it, it seemed that the previous owner/KAUA/lease holder did not stress enough to the take over company of the obligation to comply with KAUA & BLM inspections and technical standards.  The committee, the primary BLM representative and KAUA President had direct communication with the take-over company.  Long story short, corrective action was taken only after impending BLM enforcement.  Such enforcement under the present KAUA Board to date has not resulted in lease revocation, however, each member should be aware that BLM proceedings are not be regarded as a warning.   These types of enforcement actions can lead to cancellation of a lease.

Representatives of KAUA membership lease holders need to keep their parent entities well informed, pay attention to the association business and be involved.

All sites under the BLM jurisdiction requiring inspections were visited.  The findings of each inspection and or “no-show” were documented on the BLM provided inspection sheet and copies provided to the BLM reps and KAUA financial committee members/treasurer for road fee and transmitter assessments.  Those “no-show” sites had their fees calculated based on the information previously on file with KAUA.  Critical issues remaining have been discussed throughout with the members of the technical committee and BLM.

Most of the deficiencies included:

Ø    General housekeeping – BLM mandated fire safety fuel control.

Ø    Posting of current licensing and site plan.  (original site plane can be obtained from BLM)

Ø    Minor national electric code violations.

Ø    Color compliance of microwave dishes according to the lease terms of a site.

Ø    Loose or damaged tower antennas & feed lines.

Ø    Access to leased sites as required by BLM / KAUA Inspections.

No Technical Data Sheets were submitted to the KAUA technical committee by any new or existing member during the remainder of 2012 or to date suggesting, quite astonishingly, that not a single new transmitter was installed or modified out of all the sites visited by KAUA/BLM.   In the event of a new transmitter installation or change/modification of transmitter related radio equipment, Article IV Section 1 paragraph 2 states: 

“All users are required to complete a BLM data sheet for each transmitter prior to its installation. The data sheet shall be submitted to the Secretary with payment of the proper processing fee. Installation may not begin until 30 days following distribution of the data sheet to all members by the secretary. Any objections to the new installation must be filed with the Technical Committee Chairman during this period.” 

Processing fees do apply.

To our knowledge, no interference issues have been reported or discussed among the KAUA Technical Committee for 2012.

There was some brief discussion between committee members and a BLM rep regarding a high power transmitter at the Oatman Goldroad Crest site.  Such issue if needed to be addressed has been placed on the annual 2013 KAUA meeting under new business.

At present the KAUA Committee consists of:

·       Ken McLaughlin E&T Sites – Acting Chairman

·       Don Petrone – Radio Communication Service – Member

·       Faron Eckelbarger – Arizona Broadcast Engineering – Member

Respectfully Submitted,

Ken McLaughlin-Tech Committee, E&T Sites.

Motion to approve technical report as read made by Noelle Fleming (Wecom)

Second made by MaryAnn Skals (E&T Sites)

Passed unanimously.


Road Committee report– given by Colton Kincheloe (Kincheloe Construction)

Motion to approve & accept report as presented from Colton by Jack Trahan (Wecom).

Noelle Fleming (Wecom) seconded the motion

Passed unanimously.


Standing of KAUA Members

List of members not in good standing as of March 19, 2013:       [ see KAUA Bylaws Article II  Section 1 and 2 ]

American Tower, Hero Broadcasting, BN&SF, Border Patrol, Cameron Broadcasting, Crown Castle, Global Tower, Las Vegas Metro, Mohave County TV, Murphy Broadcasting, Radio Communications, Tucson Electric and WAPA.



1 6.

Matt Krick (KGMN) asked for the members help in obtaining old un-used radios out of narrow  band compliance for Amateur Radio (K7MPR) public service and community use.  This has been done before in which the K7MPR does have the technical capability to modify some equipment to function on the Amateur Radio band which is exempt from the FCC 2013 Narrow Band Compliance requirement.    Please contact Matt Krick by email at DCFLUX@GMAIL.COM or Mr. Bill Smith of the Mohave Amateur Radio Club; Mail: 3460 Sunglow Drive, Bullhead City, AZ  86429 (928) 303-9857  BILL1021@GMAIL.COM

2 7.

Road Assessment for Getz – discuss was had about fixing an assessment to Getz for Road repairs. Colton was asked how much he thought it would take this next year. He estimated $2500-$3000 barring any unusual or unforeseen major damage.

Jack Trahan (Wecom) made a motion to asses $3000 for Getz.

Faron Eckelburger (Murphy Broadcasting) seconded the motion

    Passed unanimously.

3 8.

BLM roles and responsibilities on member compliance- Andy Whitefield and Rueben Sanchez.

Both men spoke about the need to pay outstanding dues/fees owed before the BLM becomes involved which can result in termination of lease  and right-of-ways.  The BLM takes these issues very seriously and members can avoid problems by staying informed, involved and keeping their BLM/Road Assessment/Transmitter fees paid up to date as it is part of the terms and conditions of such lease and right of way.

4 9.

  President’s Message

:  KAUA President Ken McLaughlin (E&T Sites ) read a prepared message to the membership present explaining that the revenues for road maintenance provided only by the current members in “Good Standing” can no longer sustain the needs to maintain the roads.   President McLaughlin expressed that he must from now on represent the best interests of the members in good standing.  Efforts to resolve the problem within KAUA have not been successful, therefore, after the next 30 days following the KAUA Annual Meeting, all members who are not in good standing for outstanding fee balances will be referred to the Bureau of Land Management for enforcement actions as provided in Article III Section 4 (3) of the Bylaws.  KAUA-President McLaughlin asked if 30 days was fair in which there was no objection or further discussion.


Faron (Murphy Broadcasting) proposed to make an amendment to the Bylaws in Article IV  Section 1.4(c)which would if approved by the membership modify the FM transmitter power limit for the Oatman / Goldroad sites.”

Ballots with this proposal will be sent out later this year by the KAUA Secretary on this matter to all members in good standing.  See Article VI Section 2.(1) of the KAUA Bylaws.

Inspections Dates

          Oatman-April 18 @ 9:00 a.m. Arizona time.

Hualapai Mtn- June 4 @ 9:00 a.m. Arizona time.

Road Assessments

                Noelle Fleming (Wecom) made a motion to continue the road assessments as is

Jack Trahan (Wecom) seconded the motion.

    Passed unanimously.


Election of Officers

Jack Trahan (Wecom) offered to be the Vice President for this year.

Faron (Murphy Broadcasting) made a motion to accept Jack (Wecom) as Vice President and  keep all other officers as is.

Jerry Albers (Hero Broadcasting) seconded the motion

    Passed unanimously.


          Financial Committee- Faron (Murphy Broadcasting) and Noelle (Wecom)

          Road Committee- Colton Kincheloe (Kincheloe Construction), Mike (APS)

Jack(wecom), and Faaron (Murphy broadcasting)

Technical Committee-Matt (KGMN), Faaron (Murphy Broadcasting), Jack (Wecom)

            Comments from members

Ken McLaughlin (E&T Sites) was asked for any comments = No comments


MaryAnn (E&T Sites) made a motion to adjourn

Colton (Kincheloe Construction) seconded

Motion      Passed unanimously.

End time: 11:35