Annual Meeting – March 25, 2014


At the Bureau of Land Management

2755 Mission Blvd, Kingman AZ

3/25/2014  10:00 A.M.

Introduction:  10:00 am

Ken McLaughlin called the meeting to order at 10 am. He asked all in attendance to sign in. He also asked that when we signed in to please write legibly and make sure that the information was correct so we can update the database.  MaryAnn Skals then passed out agendas and then asked to use the back to also fill out contact info and to put any other info on there that they would like us to have like the billing address and a contact address- anything at all.


(  (a)   Approval of 2013 minutes:

Ken asked for the approval of the 2013 meeting minutes. Jerry Albers made a motion to accept the minutes as posted on the KAUA website Jeff Mathiesen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

(   (b)  Financial  report

Read by Paul Fleming

After the reading of the financial report Ken lead a discussion about the need for everyone to pay their fees and what can we do as an Association to get them to pay. We as an association asked the representatives that were there to go to the financial departments or the head of their company’s and do what they can to get the fees paid.  We will also be sending out letters giving them 30 days to pay before we turn them over to the BLM. These letters will go out as certified mail at their expense. WE will be adding the cost of the mail to their current bill.

Andy Whitefield told us that the BLM’s position is that if Ken comes to them with proof that we have tried to collect in a timely fashion and we have not received payment or a satisfactory response then BLM will start the process of taking action themselves. This can include losing their lease. If that should happen they would have to go through the process of reapplying and that can take lots of time to do.

It was also brought up that perhaps we can put the dates of service on the billing to help with the accounting and the location. Paul said he would take that to Noelle and did not see that that would be a problem.

Mike Gibelyou from TEP made a motion to accept the financial report

Jerry Albers of KMOH-TV 2ndthe motion

Motion passed unanimously

Technical Report

Given by Matt Krick

There was not discussion on the report.  A full copy of the report will be available on

Jerry Albers of KMOH_TV made a motion to accept the report as read

Paul Fleming of Wecom2nd the motion.

Motion passed unanimously

Road Committee Report

Colton Kincheloe was not able to make it to the meeting. Ken McLaughlin reported that during a conversation with Colton they spoke about how Colton has been doing everything possible to stretch our dollars, and get as much done with what is available.

Mike Gibelyouof TEP made a motion to accept the report that will be published on

Paul Fleming of Wecom2nd the motion

Motion passed unanimously

Determination of Standing Members:

[ Members in Good Standing will be posted shortly ]

Members who are not in good standing is listed on the treasures report and Paul Fleming read the list. He did also say that some members had paid since the list was written.

Old Business

There was no old business

New Business

Byron Steward of MCEM reported on meeting with Ken and Andy about the BSA and gate entrance.  There have been issues with people using camp Levi Levi.   They are wanting to put an access box with a sign in/ sign out sheet at the gate. This is being viewed as a safety issue. In case of a fire they need to know who’s on the mountain and who has made it out, who may need to be rescued and who to look for. They may look into putting camera up also at a later date.  BSA has contacted Andy about going up to Hayden to practice mirror signals. He has always told them that they needed to make sure there was an adult with them, and they needed to stay away from towers etc. There have not been any problems in the past.  Andy wanted to know if any of us had any problems with this being done. Should there be any additional terms or conditions?

Paul Fleming asked if there would be any insurance problems. The owner of tower would most likely be liable if there was an accident of any kind.

Andy will have this particular group to get ahold of Las Vegas Boy Scouts Association for further help.

Ken said that Paul Fleming had indicated that Wecom will help with materials and installation.

Inspection Dates

(a)  Oatman- April 30 -9  am- Paul Fleming will be going up instead of Ken.

(b)  Hualapai-June 19- 9 am

 Road Assessments

Jeff Mathiesen from Frontier made a motion to leave road assessments as they are.

Jodi Harmon from WAPA 2nd the motion

Motion passed unanimously

Election of Officers

Jerry Albers of KMOH-TV made a motion to keep all officers in their current positions.

Paul Fleming of Wecom2nd the motion

Motion Passed unanimously


Financial- Noelle Fleming and MaryAnn Skals

Road- Colton  Kincheloe, Mike Pardee, Jack Trahan, Faron Eckelbaur

Technical- Matt Krick, Jack Trahan, Faron Eckelbauer


Jeff Mathiesen of Frontier made a motion to adjourn

Mike Pardee of APS 2nd the motion

Motion passed unanimously

Adjourned at 11:17 am

Attached documents for this meeting can be found here: 032514-Meeting-Documents