Kingman Area Users Association Annual Meeting

At the Bureau of Land Management

2755 Missions Blvd, Kingman, AZ 86401

April 2, 2015 @ 10:00 AM


Members signed in:

Andy Whitefield- BLM

MaryAnn Skals- E & T Sites

Matt Krick- KAUA, Mohawk Amatuer, New Host Broadcasting

Jack Trahan- Wecom

Scott Dickerson- T.E.P.

Keith Thomas-AMT

Tim Keiffer- AZDPS

Lydia Ortiz- Kinder Morgan

Larry Stevens- Advanced Ministries, Steve Greeley KVYL,&   Murphy Broadcasting

Tim Soares- Cameron Broadcasting

Jerry Albers- Hero Broadcasting

Noelle Fleming-Wecom

John Ritz- SSWTCO

Ron Calhoun- APS

Celeste Mimnaugh- BLM

Brandon Lawerence- MCSO

Lester Tarkowski-MCSO

Jeff Mathieson- Frontier

Ted Linhard- NV Dept of Wildlife

Cliff Conradt- NV Dept of Wildlife

Art Goldberg- BLM





Introductions:            10:00 AM


Reminder to sign in and to please write legibly and to please make sure information is accurate


Old Business:

  • Minutes from 2014 KAUA Meeting ( published )


  • Jack Trahan- Wecom made a motion to accept minutes as published.


  • Jeff Mathieson-Frontier seconded.


  • Motion passed unanimously


  • Treasures Report –March 25,2014 through March 30,2015.


  • Noelle Trahan- Wecom read the financial report to the membership.


  • Motion to accept Treasure’s report as read by Brandon Lawerence-MSCO


  • Second by Jerry Albers-Hero Broadcssting


  • Motion passed unanimously.


  • Technical Report-


  • Technical Report was read by Matt Krick-KAUA
  • Discussion was had regarding RF connectors by Technical Chairman Matt Krick.


  • Motion to accept Technical report as read by Jack Trahan-Wecom/ KAUA Treasurer.


  • Motion seconded by Don Sehulster-Mohave Wireless.


  • Motion passed unanimously.


  • Road Committee Report


  • Road Committee report read by Ken McLaughlin-KAUA
  • Discussion was had about memebrs not paying their dues and thus we are running short on funds to pay Kinnolch and in fact there was a serious probem up there last year and Colton was kind enough to fix it and wait to be paid. This should never have to happen.
  • Show and tell by Matt Krick ( Please add to this)


  • Motion was made by Jack Trahan- Wecom to accept the Road Committee Report as read


  • Noelle Flemming- Wecom seconded the motion.


  • Motion carried unanimously.


  • Standing of Members


  • All members in good standing with the following exceptions:

American Tower, E & T Site, El Paso Natural Gas, Advanced Ministries, Crown Communications, Global Towers, Cameron Broadcasting, Mohave County TV, Tucson Electric Power and Murphy Broadcasting.  Not all of these are from the most recent year, some are from one or more previous years. Also E & T Sites and American Tower had not received their bills because of address errors and each said they would get them fixed.


Ken McLaughlin urged each person there to go to their billing department, or superiors or whomever it was necessary to go to and explain to them that these bills need to be caught up so that the roads can be kept in good shape so that if something happens to the equipment at one of the sites it is possible to get up there and fix them. Who knows it might be one of yours that needs to be gotten to.



New Business


  • Inspections



  • Goldroad Crest inspection to be done on May 6th at 9am.


  • Hualapai & Getz inspection to be done June 18th at 9 am.



  • Motion to accept these dates and time for inspections made by Jack Trahan- Wecom


  • Second by MaryAnn Skals E &T Sites



  • Motion carried unanimously.


  • Road Assessment


  • Jack Trahan- Wecom recommended that we assess Hayden at $15000, Gold Road Crest at $7,000 and Getz Peak at $4,000.


  • Jeff Mathiesen- Frontier seconded the motion.


  • Motion carried unanimously.


  • Election of officers


  • Group was asked by Ken McLaughlin if anyone wanted to assume any of the positions of officers or if anyone wanted to nominate someone. No one volunteered.


  • Motion made to keep the officers of present.


  • Motion was seconded


  • Motion was carried unanimously.


  • Committees:


  • Financial Committee- Noelle Trahan- Wecom / Treasurer & MaryAnn Skals-E & T Sites/ Secretary



  • Technical Committee: Matt Krick-Chairman, Members- Jack Trahan-Wecom, Paul Flemming- Wecom



  • Road Committee: Colton Kincheloe- Chairman, Jack Trahan and_______________



  • Comments or Questions:
  • None
  • Adjournment
  • Motion to adjourn made by Jack Trahan- Wecom
  • Seconded by Noelle Fleming-Wecom
  • Motion carried unanimously at 11:14 AM


Kingman Area Users Association
2332 Kingman Ave.
Kingman, AZ 86401
(928) 753-3829
Treasurer’s Report
March 30, 2015
This report covers the period from March 25, 2014 through March 30, 2015. This is the period from the last annual meeting to the current meeting. Billing for 2014 was completed on January 26th, 2015.
On March 25, 2014, the check book balance was $6041.11 which matched the bank account records at Chase Bank. Therefore, the beginning balance as of March 25, 2014, was $6041.11.
In the 2014 User’s Association meeting, the road assessment for Hayden Peak road was set at $12,000.00, the assessment for Goldroad Crest was set at $7,000.00, and the new assessment for Getz Peak was set at $3,000.00. Not all members of the association are current, and the following assessment fees have been paid.
– Dues collected for Hayden Peak are $7,677.16
– Dues collected for Goldroad Crest are $2,374.91
– Dues collected for Getz Peak are $1,711.08
The following members have outstanding balances due: American Tower, E&T Sites, El Paso Natural Gas, Advanced Ministries, Crown Communications, Global Towers, Cameron Broadcasting, Mohave County TV, Tucson Electric Power, and Murphy Broadcasting. (Note: Not all of these outstanding balances due are for the most recent year. Some are for previous years and some for more than one previous year.) Please note that I have included the amount due for previous years on the Balance Sheet this year. The total still due for the current year is $10,239.85 and the amount still due from previous years is $12,313.67. The TOTAL still outstanding and past due is $22,550.52.
The road assessment for Hayden was calculated at $461.54 per Lease and $56.07 per Transmitter. The road assessment for Goldroad was $500.00 per Lease and $67.31 per Transmitter. The road assessment for Getz Peas was calculated at $300.00 per Lease and $27.00 per Transmitter.
There was $11,200.00 spent on road expenditures for the Hayden Peak road, $1,185.00 on the Goldroad Crest road, and $3,780.00 spent on the Getz Peak road.
The ending balance in the Chase Bank account as of March 30, 2015 was $13,358.47.
The administration expenses for the year were $310.00. KAUA still owes out of this account for payment of reimbursements, payment of officers, and payment for inspections.
Please see detail below.
Respectfully submitted,
Noelle Fleming


HAYDEN PEAK 2013 Account Balance $ (5,243.31)

2014 Account Balance 2014 Billed $ 12,000.00

Outstanding $ 4,322.84

Total 2014 Account Balance $ 7,677.16 2014 Funds for Hayden Peak $ 2,433.85 2014 Expenses $ (11,200.00) Total Funds Available for Hayden Peak $ (8,766.15)



GOLDROAD CREST: 2013 Account Balance $ (13,254.44)

2014 Account Balance 2014 Billed $ 7,000.00

Outstanding $ 4,625.09 Total

2014 Account Balance $ 2,374.91

2014 Funds for Goldroad Crest $ (10,879.53)

2014 Expenses $ (1,185.00)

Total Funds Available for Goldroad Crest $ (12,064.53)

GETZ PEAK: 2013 Account Balance $ (711.12)

2014 Account Balance 2014 Billed $ 3,000.00

Outstanding $ 1,288.92

Total 2014 Account Balance $ 1,711.08 2014 Funds for Getz Peak $ 999.96 2014 Expenses $ (3,780.00) Total Funds Available for Getz Peak $ (2,780.04)

BALANCE SHEET AS OF March 30, 2015

ASSETS Cash Balance in Goldroad Crest $ (12,064.53)

Balance in Hayden Peak $ (8,766.15)

Balance in Getz Peak $ (2,780.04)

Balance in Administration Fund $ 10,252.25

Total Cash $ 13,358.47

Accounts Receivable (2014) $ 10,236.85

Accounts Receivable Prior Years $ 12,313.67

Total Assets $ 35,908.99

LIABILITIES AND STOCKHOLDER’S EQUITY Liabilities $ – Total Liabilities Equity Total Equity $ 35,908.99 Total Liabilities & Stockholder’s Equity $ 35,908.99