Members signed in Ken McLaughlin-WeCom/E &T Sites/ KAUA, Jack Trahan- WeCom, KAUA, MaryAnn Skals- E&TSites/Wecom, Andy Whitefield-BLM, Keith Thomas-Carrier Commincation, Ron Calhoun-APS, Jerry Albers-KMOH-TV, Matt Krick-New Host Broadcasting, Jodi Harmon- WAPA, Tim Sonier-MSCO, Paul Mackey-AZ G&T Coop (formallyin SSWTCO),Tim Soares-Cameron Broadcasting, Larry Stevens-Advanced Ministries/Murphy Broadcasting? Steve Greeley, Jeff Mathiesen-Frontier, Stephen Deschutter-LVMPD, Vinnie Puglia-LVMPD, Kristofer Lee-AZDPS, Lydia Ortiz-KinderMorgan


10:07 Introductions:

Reminder for all to sign in.

Ken started off this meeting explaining that Noelle had very recently (last week) had surgery and was not able to attend the meeting as treasurer or to be able to put together a treasurer’s report.

Ken asked that we put this as an action item and that he would like a discussion about how the members would like to handle it.

Jack-WeCom made a motion for the group to discuss this to come up with an agreeable solution.

MaryAnn- KAUA Sec seconded the motion.

It was then suggested that within 60 days we would have the treasury report emailed to all members in good standing ( as of this time Ken explained that we do not know who was in good standing and who was not because that is normally included in the treasury report). MaryAnn will contact all members not in attendance to get a good email address from them ( within the next 14 days) and when the treasury report is available it will be emailed in 1 group email with the request that all members vote either Aye or nay to pass the report as seen. Email will be done with an acceptance request at the time.

Jeff Mathiesen-Frontier made a motion to accept the action item as discussed

MaryAnn Skals- E &T Sites 2nd the motion

Motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

Motion by John Steele-Unisource to accept the minutes from the 2015 meeting as published on

2nd by Tim Sonier

Motion passed unanimously.


Technical Report:

The technical report was given by Matt Krick-New Host Broadcasting/Technical Committee Chairman

(Complete Technical report is available on our website also)

Matt reported that inspections were completed by KAUA & BLM this last year and that there was no major issues that needed to be dealt with. Most site reps were asked to make sure their licenses and site plans were put up in plain sight at their facilities by Spring of 2016.

Also there were 2 technical data sheets submitted for Potato Patch and Hayden Peak and that they received no objections from the members.

Issues that have come up were the following;

  • Failure to keep up on road assessment fees
  • Failure to correct precious non-compliance issues from previous year
  • Posting of licenses and site plans where applicable
  • Microwave dish color
  • Site up keep


Matt also spoke about the fact that there was one case on intermod/interference this year

and that the FCC sent out an agent/investigator and that the issue was located and resolved.

Matt also reminded everyone to please check the back of their equipment to make sure all connectors are tightly connected, that equipment with fans are especially susceptible to having their connectors loosened from the vibrations

Jack Trahan-WeCom/KAUA made a notion to accept the Technical Committee Report as read

Tim Soares- Cameron Broadcasting 2nd the motion

Motion passed and carried

AS OF March 9, 2016
This report covers the period from March 30, 2015 through March 9, 2016. This is the period from the last annual meeting to the current meeting.
In the 2015 User’s Association Meeting, the road assessment for Hayden Peak road was set at $12,000, the assessment for Goldroad Crest was set at $7,000, and the assessment for Getz Peak was set at $3,000. Not all members of the association are current. The following assessment fees have been paid.
– Dues collected for Hayden Peak are $8,181.95
– Dues collected for Goldroad Crest are $4,277.78
– Dues collected for Getz Peak are $2,596.56
The following members have outstanding balances due for 2015 road fees ONLY:
– E&T Sites $909.05 (Hayden Peak)
– Global Towers $727.25 (Hayden Peak)
– Crown Castle $772.70 (Hayden Peak)
– American Tower $500.00 (Hayden Peak)
– El Paso Natural Gas $909.05 (Hayden Peak)
– E&T Sites $1,847.22 (Goldroad Crest)
– American Towers $875.00 (Goldroad Crest)
– Murphy Broadcasting $403.44 (Getz Peak)
As of the 2015 annual meeting there was outstanding accounts receivables from previous years (prior to 2014) in the amount of $12,313.67. Since that meeting $2,887.45 was collected on previous years. Those payments came from Cameron Broadcasting, UNS, MCTV District.
The road assessment for Hayden was calculated at $500.00 per Lease and $45.45 per Transmitter. The road assessment for Goldroad Crest was calculated at $583.33 per Lease and $97.22 per Transmitter. The road assessment for Getz Peak was calculated at $300.00 per Lease and $51.72 per Transmitter.
There was $11,650 spent on road expenditures for Hayden Peak, there was $3,290 spent on the road for Getz Peak, and $0 spent on the road for Goldroad Crest.
The ending balance in the Chase Bank account as of March 9, 2016 was $798.47.
Please see detail below.
Respectfully submitted,
Noelle Fleming

March 9, 2016

HAYDEN PEAK: 2014 Account Balance $ (8,766.15)
2015 Account Balance 2015 Billed: $ 12,000.00
Outstanding: $ 3,818.05
Total 2015 Account Balance $ 8,181.95
2015 Funds for Hayden Peak  $ (584.20)
2015 Expenses $ (11,650.00)
Total Funds Available for Hayden Peak  $ (12,234.20)
2014 Account Balance $ (12,064.53)
2015 Account Balance 2015 Billed: $ 7,000.00
Outstanding: $ 2,722.22
Total 2015 Account Balance $ 4,277.78
2015 Funds for Goldroad Crest  $ (7,786.75)
2015 Expenses  $ – Total Funds Available for Goldroad Crest $ (7,786.75)
GETZ PEAK: 2014 Account Balance $ (2,780.04)
2015 Account Balance 2015 Billed: $ 3,000.00
Outstanding: $ 403.44
Total 2015 Account Balance $ 2,596.56
2015 Funds for Getz Peak $ (183.48)
2015 Expenses  $ (3,290.00)
Total Funds Available for Getz Peak $ (3,473.48)

2016 Treasurer’s report final  <– click here.


Road Committee Report:

Given by Ken McLaughlin

Colton could not be present today but he updated Ken last night.

Colton reported that in general the roads are in good shape- not great but good. Some material is going to be needed. Ken said that he will be continually going up and down the mountains and with the new website it is very easy to just post problems on there as they pertain to the roads.

Oatman Road is in fair to poor condition- needs material but can get up there but will only take a bad storm to make them bad.

Lydia Ortiz- Kinder Morgan asked about how passable the road was on top of Hayden, Ken told everyone that it’s in good shape but that you need lots of clearance for the boulders. There was no snow to speak of except the area he calls the switchbacks and the long stretch.

John Steale- Unisource, asked if anyone had heard anything about “Addwest” up on GoldCrest threatening not to allow access and if they knew what was happening with it? Andy Whitefield-BLM said that there is nothing written about any mining claims in the easement but it is embedded into the lease.

Tim Soares of Cameron Broadcasting said that Addwest has gotten keys and there seems to be nothing going on up there as the mine is closed and they are not doing any mining up there now. The problem had been that they could not get keys and also they were exploring the idea of exploration of a gold vein that runs across the road.

Ken said he would call and get a dialog going so as to prevent any problems down the line.

Jack Trahan-WeCom/KAUA made a motion to accept the Road Committee Report as stated.

2nd made by Tim Sonier –MSCO

Motion passed unanimously.


No standing member report until we have treasurers report

New Business

Ken was asked to make a strong suggestion to all the members- Please do not cut gate locks or chains. Keys can be obtained at BLM and WeCom whose address is 2332 Kingman Ave- They both just ask that keys are always returned.

Ken McLaughlin-KAUA/WeCom/E&T Sites showed off the new website. Members and guest were shown how to navigate the different areas. There is a listing of all the officers along with their email address and phone numbers to get ahold of them. In the by-laws section there is an area that you can read about all the rules and regulations and also the all of our forms. The website is still  Please feel free to comment, give him your feedback any suggestions you have for improvement etc.

It was asked, who was in charge of the box that holds the sign in sheets to go up the mountain. Ken McLaughlin reported that they Mohave Division of Emergency Management aka Mohave County Development Servies wanted everyone to sign in, but that although this is a good idea we are not charged to maintain it.  If it just takes Ken going up there and throwing a notebook in there then he will gladly do that.

Tim Sonier- MCSO told us that it’s in our best interest to sign in with a date and time however possible because if there is an emergency they can come looking for you. Tim Sonier said he would contact Mohave Divison of Emergency Management about the maintenace of the sign in paperwork.



Goldroad Crest -April 13 9am

Hualapai -Getz -June 22 9am Getz Peak will be about 11 or 12.

Motion by Jeff Mathiesen to accept the Inspection dates as discussed

2nd made by Jerry Albers

Motion passed unanimously


Road Assessment:

Ken McLaughlin called for a discussion on the road assessment fees.

Jack Trahan made a motion for us to keep the road assessment fees the same as they were for the past year.

Tim Sorres- Cameron Broadcasting 2nd the motion.

Motion passed unanimously

  • Jack Trahan- WeCom/KAUA spoke to the group about the importance of the group to keep BLM informed and helping them as best as we can. BLM is not a communication entity and that this is where we come in to help them the technical side of things. Jack also thanked everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules to come to this meeting
  • Committees:
  • Financial Committee: Noelle Trahan- WeCom/Treasurer & MaryAnn Skals- E & T Sites/ Secretary
  • Technical Committee: Matt Krick-New West Broadcasting/Chairman; Members- Ken McLaughlin-WeCom/E&T Sites and Jack Trahan-E & T Sites
  • Road Committee: Colton Kincheloe- Kincheloe Construction, Ken McLaughlin-WeCom/E & T Sites, Jerry Albers –KMOH-TV
  • Comments and Questions:
  • None
  • Adjournment: Motion made by Jack Trahan-WeCom to adjourn
  • 2nd made by MaryAnn Skals- E & T Sites
  • Motion carried unanimously at 11:10 am