KAUA 2017 Annual Meeting

Kingman Area Users Association

2017 Annual Meeting

At the Bureau of Land Management

2755 Mission Blvd, Kingman, AZ 86401

March 15,2017 @ 10:00 AM


Members signed in:

Jason Arsenault- UES

Jodie Harmon- WAPA

Jerry Albers – Hero Broadcasting

Joe Berring- Tucson Electric Power/ Unisource

Tim Sorres- Cameron Broadcasting

 Jeff Mathiesen- Frontier/Citizens

 Jonathan Abernathy- American Tower Corporation

Noelle Fleming- Wecom/KAUA

Andy Whitefield-BLM

 MaryAnn Skals- Wecom/KAUA

Donald Petrone- RCS

Keith Thomas- Carrier

Paul Castillo- LVMPD

Scott Long- APS

Ken McLaughlin-E&T Sites/KAUA

Joshua Turvy- AZ G & T

Martin Stamps – BLM

 Joey Bringhurst – Wecom

Nate Maakestad – AZ G &F

Larry Stevens- ABES, Rick Murphy,Steve Greeley

Lydia Ortiz- El Paso Gas/Kinder Morgan

John Steele/UES

 Call to Order:              10:00am

Introductions and call to sign in.

OLD BUSINESS: Reading of the minutes of the last annual

KAUA President Ken McLaughlin informed the group that the KAUA 2016 minutes (from last year) was up on the website www.kingmanradio.com if anyone wanted to review them, or take some time to review the printed ones available at the meeting. Ken then asked if there was anything to discuss about the minutes.   Jerry Albers / Hero Broadcasting made a motion to accept the minutes as presented. Noelle Fleming/ Wecom& KAUA seconded the motion.   Motion was carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Noelle Fleming Wecom/KAUA read the treasurer’s report. Treasure’s report will eventually be published on the website. Noelle reviewed the process of assessing and distributing the fees. Motion by Jerry Albers (Hero Broadcasting) second by Lydia Ortiz to accept the Treasures Report as given at the meeting and Motion was carried unanimously.

Technical Report

Ken gave a 2017 Technical Report (chairman Matt Krick was not present) which included two Technical Data Sheets that a hard copy was available to the membership and sent via email. The submissions received no objections or concerns on the documents which are still available via the Technical Committee, President or by portal on the website. See Ken for access, username and passwords.

2016 BLM inspections completed are as follows:

Oatman 4/18/17 and Hayden Peak/Potato Patch/Getz Peak 6/15/17

Advanced Ministries Potato Patch AZA21381

APS Potato Patch AZA20308

ATC_Oatman AZA23834

BLM Hayden AZA25565

Cameron Broadcast Getz AZA27359

Cameron Broadcast Oatman AZA29740

Citizens Utilities Getz AZA23413

Crown Hayden AZA21414.pdf

DPS Hayden AZA25565B

DPS Potato Patch AZA20921

EL Paso Hayden AZA20667

ET Sites Oatman AZA07788

ET Sites Potato Patch AZA21788

GovNet Getz AZA35906

GTP Structures Hayden AZA22683

Hero Oatman AZA22110

Hero Potato Patch AZA22955

LV Metro Police Oatman AZA29384

Mohave Co Oatman AZAR031673

Mohave Co Sheriff Co Park

Murphy Getz AZA28170

Petrone Potato Patch AZA28338

Steve Greeley Oatman AZA33195

SW Transmission AZA30623

TEP Getz AZA23402

UNSE Oatman AZA02911

WECOM Getz AZA28502

WECOM Hayden AZA19158

Western Hayden AZA20920

Road Committee Report

Ken gave the Road Committee report. Funds are low and there are several complaints coming in on the Hayden Peak, Getz Peak and Oatman Road.   Membership discussion took place regarding the problem.   Thunderstorms over the monsoon season have caused significant damage preventing low level 4X4 vehicles from easily accessing various sites. There are also damaged culverts that are too damaged and must be replaced. Road maintenance season takes place near the end of October under BLM rules or when the monsoons stop.   Our road contractor Kitchole Construction has performed work, hauled spare materials and had to wait several months in the past until there were enough funds to pay for the work.   The KAUA Treasurer is working very hard to get delinquent road assessments up to day to be able to cover the road maintenance expenses.

Determination of standing members:

The following were listed on the financial report for March 14, 2017 are subject to members out of good standing pending assessment fees. This list is only for funds not collected at the time of the report:

  1. AZ DPS (Potato Patch-Hayden Peak area)
  2. El Paso (Hayden Peak)
  3. Crown Castle (Hayden Peak)
  4. WAPA (Hayden Peak)
  5. APS (Potato Patch-Hadyen Peak area)
  6. BLM (Hayden Peak)
  7. Global Towers (Hayden Peak)
  8. Unisource (Oatman/Goldroad Crest)
  9. American Tower (Oatman/Goldroad Crest)
  10. Mohave County TV District (Oatman/Goldroad Crest)
  11. Hero Broadcasting (Getz Peak)
  12. Murphy Broadcasting (Getz Peak)
  13. Cameron Broadcasting (Getz Peak)
  14. GovNet (Getz Peak

ADDITIONAL DISCUSSION ITEM (continued from 2016)

KAUA President Ken of the KAUA discussed issues about access gates up to the mountain at Hualapai and Getz Peak. There was an occasion when the gates were left open and another occasion when the BLM lock was out of the chain loop locking out members who have a BLM key for Hayden Peak. Adding proprietary locks to the chain is prohibited.   The only locks that are allowed on the Hayden Peak gates are the Mohave County Parks gate and the KAUA/BLM lock. Keys can be obtained or mailed out from Ken McLaughlin, Wecom Office at 2332 Kingman Avenue, Kingman or borrowed from the Mohave County Park Ranger Office or the BLM Kingman Field Office.

Additional unauthorized locks have not been removed yet so long as they haven’t interfered with the BLM lock. When other lease holders or technicians fail to keep the BLM lock in the chain loop, the KAUA must inform BLM.   These locks can be traced to the owners and the matter can be taken up between BLM and that responsible party.   KAUA has avoided cutting other locks off but it becomes necessary when the gate is not functional for those who are using the BLM lock. This has been the case on Getz Peak as well.


Site inspections were set for:

Oatman 4/18/17

Hayden Peak/Potato Patch/Getz Peak 6/15/17

It is planned to have two inspection crews for each inspection day.

Road Assessments:

Following discussions, the membership unanimously approved to increase the $12K assessment for Hayden Peak to $13K for 2017. Getz Peak and Oatman/Goldroad Crest to remain the same as previous year.

Election of Officers:

(Board vacancy: Vice President)

Motion by Jerry Albers-Hero Broadcasting to nominate present officers to seat KAUA board for the remainder of 2017 until the next meeting in 2018. Seconded by Jeff Mathiesen-Frontier/Citizens (for present board minus Vice President) which seated officers accepted.   Jerry Albers-Hero Broadcasting volunteered to fill the KAUA Vice President position in which the nominations and seconds repeated with a unanimous vote in favor.

KAUA Officer Board is seated with:

President Ken McLaughlin of E&T Sites

Vice President Jerry Albers of Hero Broadcasting

Secretary Mary Ann Skalls of E&T Sites

Treasurer Noelle Fleming of Wecom, Inc.

Committee Members Appointment by volunteering with no objections:

(committee vacancy: Technical Chairman)

Financial Committee: Noelle Fleming-Wecom & Mary Ann Skalls-E&T Sites.

Technical Committee: Chairman Tim Soares, Ken McLaughlin-E&T Sites

Road Committee: Ken McLaughlin-E&T Sites, Jerry Albers & Colton Kichoele

12:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ken McLaughlin, KAUA President.