KAUA 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

Kingman Area Users Association

Annual Meeting

At the Bureau of Land Management

2755 Mission Blvd, Kingman, AZ 86401

March 7,2018 @ 10:00 AM


Members signed in:

Ken McLaughlin-E&T Sites/KAUA  

Tim Soares-Cameron Broadcasting

Jason Arsenault- UES

John Steele-UES

Joey Bringhurst-Wecom

Nate Maakestad-AZ G+T Coop.

Keith Thomas-Carriem Communications

Steve Ferns-GovNet

Bruce Pritchett-Las Vegas Metro PD

Rick Damerual-BNSF

Scott Long-APS

Jerry Albers – Hero Broadcasting

Maria Troche-BLM

Andy Whitefield-BLM

Jeff Mathiesen- Frontier/Citizens

David Jurado-Arizona DPS

 Call to Order:              10:00am    Sign in.

OLD BUSINESS: Reading of the minutes of the last annual

KAUA President Ken McLaughlin handed out copies of the 2017 KAUA Minutes and informed the group that the 2017 minutes (from last year) was not up on the website www.kingmanradio.com yet.   The minutes had to be re-constructed following a loss of data notes after that meeting.   Ken asked all members present to please review them carefully.   A call to amend or modify the minutes was made and no requests for discussion to do so were initiated by anyone at the meeting. Following review of the minutes by members present, a motion to accept and publish the KAUA 2017 Minutes was made by Jeff Mathiesen- Frontier/Citizens and Seconded by Tim Soares-Cameron Broadcasting in which the motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report



As OF March 7, 2018

This report covers the period from March 15, 2017 through March 6, 2018. This is the period from the last annual meeting to the current meeting.   In the 2017 KAUA Meeting, the road assessment for Hayden Peak road was set at $13,000, the assessment for Goldroad Crest was set at $7,000, and the assessment for Getz Peak was set at $3,000. Not all members of the association are current.

The following assessment fees were paid for 2017:

  • Dues collected for Hayden Peak were $9,128.90 (still outstanding $3,871.10)
  • Dues collected for Goldroad Crest were $3,609.37 (still outstanding $3,390.63)
  • Dues collected for Getz Peak were $2,613.64 (still outstanding $386.36)

The following members have outstanding balances for 2017 ONLY:

  • E&T Sites $894.79 (Hayden Peak)
  • Global Towers $679.54 (Hayden Peak)
  • Crown Castle $980.89 (Hayden Peak)
  • APS $679.54 (Hayden Peak)
  • Western Area Power Assoc. $636.49 (Hayden Peak)
  • E&T Sites $1,750.06 (Goldroad Crest)
  • American Towers $765.64 (Goldroad Crest)
  • Mohave County TV $875.02 (Goldroad Crest)
  • Murphy Broadcasting $386.35 (Getz Peak)

Since last year’s meeting $7,567.41 was collected on previous years assessment dues. Those payments came from Advanced Ministries, UniSource (TEP), Cameron Broadcasting, BLM, El Paso(Kinder Morgan), GovNet, Hero, Western Area, APS and MCTV District. The road assessment for Hayden was calculated at $464.29 per Lease and $43.05 per Transmitter. The road assessment for Goldroad Crest was calculated at $437.5 per Lease and $54.69 per Transmitter. The road assessment for Getz Peak

was calculated at $250.00 per Lease and $45.45 per Transmitter.   There was $12,699 spent on road expenditures for Hayden Peak, there was $7,950 spent on the road for Goldroad Crest, and $5,425 spent on the road for Getz Peak.   The ending balance in the Chase Bank account as of March 5, 2018 was $10,555.58.   Please see attached list of invoices that show open (2014-current). If our records are incorrect, please contact me so that the issues can be resolved. Please see detail below.

Respectfully submitted,

Joey Bringhurst

KAUA Treasurer





2016 Account Balance $ 2,240.82

Previous Year(s) Dues received $ 4,491.97

2017 Account Balance

2017 Billed: $ 13,000.00

Outstanding: $ 3,871.10

Total 2017 Account Balance $ 9,128.90

2017 Funds for Hayden Peak $ 15,861.69

2017 Expenses $ (12,699.00)

Total Funds Available for Hayden Peak $ 3,162.69



2016 Account Balance $ 8,951.49

Previous Year(s) Dues received $ 2,475.44

2017 Account Balance

2017 Billed: $ 7,000.00

Outstanding: $ 3,390.63

Total 2017 Account Balance $ 3,609.37

2017 Funds for Goldroad Crest $ 15,036.30

2017 Expenses $ (7,950.00)

Total Funds Available for Goldroad Crest $ 7,086.30



2016 Account Balance $ 4,058.65

Previous Year(s) Dues received $ 600.00

2017 Account Balance

2017 Billed: $ 3,000.00

Outstanding: $ 386.36

Total 2017 Account Balance $ 2,613.64

2017 Funds for Getz Peak $ 7,272.29

2017 Expenses $ (5,425.00)


Total Funds Available for Getz Peak $ 1,847.29




Balance in Hayden Peak $ 3,162.69

Balance in Goldroad Crest $ 7,086.30

Balance in Getz Peak $ 1,847.29

Balance in Administration Fund $ (1,540.70)

Cash $ 10,555.58

Undeposited Funds $ –

Total Cash $ 10,555.58

Accounts Receivable 2017 $ 7,648.09

Total Assets $ 18,203.67



Total Liabilities $ – Equity

Total Equity $ 18,203.67

Total Liabilities $ 18,203.67


HAYDEN PEAK  (2014 Hayden Peak)

User: Amt Due:

Advanced Ministries $ 501.25

American Towers $ 573.68

Crown Communications $ 685.82

E&T Sites $ 1,078.31

Global Towers $ 685.82


2015 Hayden Peak  User: Amt Due:

Advanced Ministries $ 863.60

American Towers $ 500.00

AZ DPS $ 1,727.15

Cown Castle $ 772.70

E&T Sites $ 909.05

El Paso Natural Gas $ 909.05

Global Towers $ 727.25


2016 Hayden Peak  User: Amt Due:

AZ DPS $ 1,489.80

Crown Castle $ 673.47

Global Towers $ 591.84

2017 Hayden Peak

User: Amt Due:

APS $ 679.54

Crown Castle $ 980.89

E&T Sites $ 894.79

Global Towers $ 679.54

WAPA $ 636.49


2014 Goldroad Crest

User: Amt Due:

American Towers $ 769.24

E&T Sites $ 1,846.20


2015 Goldroad Crest

User: Amt Due:

American Towers $ 875.00

E&T Sites $ 1,847.22


2016 Goldroad Crest User: Amt Due:

American Towers $ 875.00


2017 Goldroad Crest  User: Amt Due:

American Towers $ 765.64

E&T Sites $ 1,750.06

MCTV $ 875.02



2014 Getz Peak

User: Amt Due:

Murphy Broadcasting $ 411.12

2015 Getz Peak  User: Amt Due:

Murphy Broadcasting $ 403.44

2016 Getz Peak  User: Amt Due:

Murphy Broadcasting $ 350.00

2017 Getz Peak  User: Amt Due:

Murphy Broadcasting $ 386.35

Technical Report

KAUA Annual Technical Report submitted 3/7/2018

By Tim Soares, KAUA Technical Committee

Last year’s site inspections at Gold Road and Hayden/Getz, found only minor corrections required. Thank you to those site holders who participated in this process.   Please make sure that any needed corrections are completed prior to this year’s inspections. It is important that representatives of each site holder be on site, at the time and date of the scheduled inspections, to both allow access to the site, and to answer any technical questions that the KAUA or BLM representatives might have. Please have an accurate count of your transmitters available, as this information is critical to our road fee assessment structure.   RF Interference issues crop up from time to time. Most of these can be avoided with proper frequency coordination, and/or properly installed and tuned isolators to reduce the instances of splatter or harmonic interference. Isolators, circulators, or cavity filters are required for most installations under the BLM/KAUA joint administration. Other interference caused by damaged antennas or other equipment malfunctions must be mitigated as quickly as possible, after being made aware of the issue. Nobody wants to have to pay for frequency coordination, but nobody wants an FCC complaint that results in an investigation and finds your equipment out of compliance.   All new installations, frequency changes, broadcast contour changes, etc. need to be coordinated with the KAUA and the BLM, to help avoid conflicts. With our high instance of Lightning Strikes, it is critical that all equipment be properly grounded. If for no other reason, to minimize damage to equipment, causing unnecessary down time and interruptions to your radio services.

Some discussions regarding only two BLM Technical Submissions submitted raised concerns whether there had been in fact only two more transmitters constructed on the Hualapai Mountain and Oatman Mountain. There is now in fact a case in the works regarding interference to the regional Fire Alarm Dispatch located at the Haualapai Mountain Potato Patch site. The KAUA does not have a significant or updated comprehensive database to offer to the investigation to calculate harmonics or interference potential. All members were reminded that technical submissions to the BLM/KAUA is “required” and is essential to help prevent interference.   Technical submission that have been submitted since 2014 are available via the KAUA data portal on official request.

A motion to accept the Technical Report was made by Jeff Mathiesen- Frontier/Citizens and seconded by Jerry Albers-Hero Broadcasting. Motion passed unanimously without further discussion.


Road Committee Report

Ken gave the Road Committee report. Funds were low and there are several complaints coming in on the Oatman Road last year before road work was completed.   Our road contractor Kitchole Construction has performed work, hauled spare materials and had to wait several months in the past until there were enough funds to pay for the work.   The KAUA Treasurer Joey Bringhurst is working very hard to get delinquent road assessments up to day to be able to cover the road maintenance expenses.   Some discussions were raised about improving pinpoint areas on Hayden Peak road. Members were encouraged to joint the road committee which is instrumental on making decisions to apply for permission to work outside of the road construction window which usually starts at the end of October/end of monsoon season. Road construction is expensive and un-scheduled work can deplete the road funds very quickly.   There was a rock slide in 2017 which required use of emergency road funds to clear the road on the Hayden Peak top switchbacks.   See available funds on the published 2018 Financial Report.

Determination of standing members:

The following were listed on the financial report for March , 2018 are subject to members out of good standing pending assessment fees. This list is only for funds not collected at the time of the report:

  • E&T Sites $894.79 (Hayden Peak)
  • Global Towers $679.54 (Hayden Peak)
  • Crown Castle $980.89 (Hayden Peak)
  • APS $679.54 (Hayden Peak)
  • Western Area Power Assoc. $636.49 (Hayden Peak)
  • E&T Sites $1,750.06 (Goldroad Crest)
  • American Towers $765.64 (Goldroad Crest)
  • Mohave County TV $875.02 (Goldroad Crest)
  • Murphy Broadcasting $386.35 (Getz Peak)



KAUA President Ken of the KAUA discussed issues about access gates up to the mountain at Hualapai and Getz Peak. There was an occasion when the gates were left open and another occasion when the BLM lock was out of the chain loop locking out members who have a BLM key for Hayden Peak. Adding proprietary locks to the chain is prohibited.   The only locks that are allowed on the Hayden Peak gates are the Mohave County Parks gate and the KAUA/BLM lock. Keys can be obtained or mailed out from Ken McLaughlin, Wecom Office at 2332 Kingman Avenue, Kingman or borrowed from the Mohave County Park Ranger Office or the BLM Kingman Field Office. Additional unauthorized locks have not been removed yet so long as they haven’t interfered with the BLM lock. When other lease holders or technicians fail to keep the BLM lock in the chain loop, the KAUA must inform BLM.   These locks can be traced to the owners and the matter can be taken up between BLM and that responsible party.   KAUA has avoided cutting other locks off but it becomes necessary when the gate is not functional for those who are using the BLM lock. This has been the case on Getz Peak as well.



Site inspections were set for:

Oatman May 9th, 2018 beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Hayden Peak/Potato Patch/Getz Peak June 20th, 2018 beginning at 9:00 a.m. and should be starting on the Getz Peak sites approximately 11:30 or 12:00 noon depending on the rate of inspections on Hayden, Potato Patch and Black Mesa/Boy Scout area inspections.

It is planned to have two inspection crews for each inspection day.


Road Assessments:

Following discussions, the membership unanimously approved following a Motion by Jeff Mathiesen- Frontier/Citizens and seconded by John Steele-UES for assessments to remain 12K for Hayden Peak to $13K for 2017. Getz Peak and Oatman/Goldroad Crest to remain 3K.


Election of Officers:

(Board vacancy: Vice President)

Motion by Jerry Albers-Hero Broadcasting to nominate present officers to seat KAUA board for the remainder of 2017 until the next meeting in 2018. Seconded by Jeff Mathiesen-Frontier/Citizens (for present board minus Vice President) which seated officers accepted.   Jerry Albers-Hero Broadcasting volunteered to fill the KAUA Vice President position in which the nominations and seconds repeated with a unanimous vote in favor.

KAUA Officer Board is seated with:

President Ken McLaughlin of E&T Sites

Vice President Tim Soares of Cameron Broadcasting

Secretary/Treasurer Joey Bringhurst of Wecom.

Committee Members Appointment by volunteering with no objections:

Tim Soares: Technical Chairman

Financial Committee: Ken McLaughlin

Technical Committee: Chairman Tim Soares, Ken McLaughlin, Jack Trahan

Road Committee: Ken McLaughlin-E&T Sites, Jerry Albers, Tim Soares & Colton Kichoele


11:55 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,


Ken McLaughlin, KAUA President.