KAUA 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2019 KAUA Meeting Minutes

Member signed in and call to order at 10 a.m.
BOARD: Ken McLaughln-President, Tim Soares-Vice President, Joey Brinkhurst-Secretary/Treasurer
Farron Eckelbarger – Advanced Ministries
Trevor Morgan – Las Vegas Metro Police Department
Ken Kins – Gold Road Mining Corporation
Ed Diekman Gold Road Mining Corporation
Robert Pittaway – Arizona Department of Public Safety
Bob Morse – Tucson Electric Power (Unisource)
Anthony Martinez – Unisource
John Steel – Unisource (Kingman)
Jim Hansen – Frontier Communications
Jeff Mathiesen – Frontier Communications
Jason Aresnault – Fronteir Communications
James Spencer – WAPA
Jacqueline Brill – Bureau of Land Management
Andy Whitefield – Bureau of Land Management
Maria Troche – Bureau of Land Management
James Shearer – Bureau of Land Management (Lake Havasu)
Scott Long – Arizona Public Service
Lyida Ortiz – Kinder Morgan
Nate Maakestad – AZGT Coop

Old Business reviewed – prior year’s minutes, made available on the www.kingmanradio.com KAUA website and printed version at the meeting. Discussions/Questions offered by President.

Motion to Accept: 1st – Jeff Mathiesen w/ Frontier; 2nd James Spencer w/WAPA

Treasurer’s Report

Joey reviewed financials

Report provided

2019 Treasurer’s Report Final  <– click to view

Discussion/questions:  Andy Whitefield – BLM reminded membership that compliance with assessment fee’s in good standing are part of the terms and conditions of lease.  Please contact the KAUA Secretary Treasurer if you have questions about your annual fee balance.

Motion: 1st – Jeff Mathiesen w/ Frontier; 2nd – Scott Long – APS

Technical Report by committee chairman Tim Soares & Vice President

KAUA Annual Technical Report – March 2018 through March 2019
1. Inspections 2018
Inspections for Gold Road Crest were held on May 9th 2018 for all the lower site facilities and the transmitter building for the upper site. Inspectors were Tim Soares and Jack Trahan for the KAUA and Maria Troche representing the Kingman Field Office of the BLM. Upper site tower were inspected on a different day by Ken McLaughlin for the KAUA and Andy Whitefield for the BLM. All of the site holders were substantially in compliance. Minor issues were a couple of missing site plans and missing electrical panel filters. Continuing issue of non-compliant colors on non-grandfathered microwave dishes and ground mounted (generators etc). Inspections for the Hayden and Getz sites were held on June 20th 2018. Inspectors were Tim Soares with Maria Troche and Ken McLaughlin with Andy Whitefield. The biggest issues were sites that could not be accessed and feed line termination on unused antennas. Site holder representatives promised to correct the issues ASAP.

2. Interference.
No major interference issues were reported for this period.

Tim Soares provided discussion and overview

Majority of members in compliance and good standing.

Motion: 1st – Farron Eckelbarger ; 2nd – Scott Long – APS

Click on TCR 2019 below to view the Technical Committee Report for 2019.

TCR 2019


Determination of Standing Members

Joey reviewed those past due.

Recommended reviewing records for accuracy.

New Business

Site Inspections set: Oatman (April 10th 2019 Wednesday)/ Hayden 9am/Potato 9am and Getz 11:30 AM Wed June 19, 2019

Road Assessments: Ken McLaughlin provided and update on roads.

Motion to keep assessments the same passed.  Motion: 1st – Tim Soares ; 2nd – Jason Aresnault

Election of Officers:

President for Ken McLaughlin & Vice President for  Tim nominated and Scott 2nd, Ken & Tim Accepted

Secretary/Treasurer: Joey Brinkhurst accepted


Technical Chairman: Tim Soares

Member: Ken McLaughlin

Member: vacant

Member: vacant

Financial Committee Chairman: Joey B

Member: vacant

Member: vacant

Road Committee Chairman: Justin Brown

Member: Farron Eckelbarger

Member: Gold Mining – Ed Diekman

Member: vacant